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What to do about wifes identity theft issue?0V2012-09-03 08:31:03
My wife to check your credit report in February found a lot of fraudulent activity . She has reason to believe that her mother took her social security number and set about obtaining illegal loans that were not authorized . My wife thinks this happened after an argument occurred between them two years ago . The only problem is that after a police report , there is not much they can do. I went ahead and sent a fraud alert with the credit bureaus on your behalf . However, last week gave advice book " off the record " and my wife said we should just get a new social secuirty number to prevent further problems in the future . Doing this would prohibit their mother get more credit with a SS # that no longer exists . We are looking for a way to take her to court , but friends have told us good luck and a long road to justice . We are not happy with what happened , but my wife is trying to do the best I can . She is also in the process of submitting a report to the Federal Trade Commission . If my wife just get a new Social Security card or keep trying to fight the negative things on your credit report the damage has been done ? Your thoughts ?
Identity Theft...-- What to do if you've given your personal information to a scammer1〾 尛 Nansheng? 2012-01-29 05:33:44
Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, so let's assume that fell in love with one of the disadvantages of the swindlers , and gave his social security number , a fax of your passport, credit card , etc. What do now to prevent further damage, such as identity theft ? Look, if you have sent money to a scammer or fraudster corresponds to a lottery , sweepstakes , loans , money transfers , cashier's check or inheritance.
How to aovid being cheated by Gold Supplier identity theft?10Twistin' my 25% larger shirt around my h 2012-05-28 00:00:13
How aovid be deceived by identity theft Gold Supplier ?
Visa card identity theft should I file police report?2Gweedo2012-09-02 21:23:02
Someone got my VISA card online information and my address and made two purchases of $ 85 online flower . I called the company of flowers and actually has the name and address of the flowers were delivered to ( in another city) , and the email address used by the impostor. They gave my name and business address of flowers and card info.when my order. I called the bank and close my Visa debit card while being investigated for a refund . This incident occurred a few days later I joined a company online stock trading and gave them my account information ( but not my credit card) to verify the transaction. I suspect someone hacked my information from them or some other recent online merchant . How I can find out what the company of my information was stolen to avoid dealing with them in the future. Also, someone mentioned about filing a police report. What good is this? I feel uncomfortable that the criminal has my home address and the number of my card. ( Now canceled) . I'm not sure that the police forge a bond between me and the thief that. What do you think ? Thank you.
Top Tips to Protect Yourself Against Frauds and Scams, Identity Theft and Reduce Spam Email0Dani2012-07-06 06:37:02
What can you do to defend yourself from scams, frauds and identity theft? Whether you think you have been the victim of a fraud or scam or want to be proactive in protecting yourself, here is a list of specific and simple actions that you can take, some just once, to protect yourself and your family! We have ranked them in order that you should take them:
Worry ah, I lost my identity card1Cherry2012-06-30 05:30:02
A new generation of ID cards, a few days lost , depressed, and then re-run , and then have to wait long , ah , people did not take to do bad things , ah , how
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I made a fake online identity, and I KNOW it was a mistake...?1Ky2012-10-09 05:05:03
A couple of months ago , I was bored so I decided to go to a chat site open to the fun. I met this super cool guy ( we're both over 18) , but I have an identity ( false, fake name, fake location , etc), not wanting to disclose any personal information. We really enjoyed each conversation, so he decided to change e-mails and have been emailing often enough since. Only emails , but never in person or by telephone. I decided I did not like to fool him anymore because he 's a good guy , so " broke" him by email. He did not harm others, or threaten each other , we just talked about . I feel so bad for everything, so I have a few questions. Is it wrong to create a false identity online, including e-mail ? If anything happened , he could get into legal trouble ? Can the police track my location / computer down using only the email I gave you?
New means of car theft, we note that the0Allly2012-09-23 02:40:03
Attention! ! ! ! ! ! When you walk through the parking lot, turn and sit in your car. When starting the engine and reverse out. You will see the mirrors and the back of your parking spot, see a letter on paper to be published in the rear window in the center. At this point, you will stop responding immediately following, then open the door and will win out of paper. When you walk behind your car, car thieves out of nowhere, jump into the car and drive the truck to run. They will be behind you every home, even if his overwhelming need to reverse. You are perplexed, saw cars is accelerating. I think your portfolio is still in the car. So now have their vehicles stolen, your address, your money, your bank cards, credit cards and house keys. Your home and your whole identity now surrounded! Therefore, if you see a piece of paper was attached to the rear window, and immediately pulled away again after a piece of paper. I hope you sent it to friends and family and family understanding, especially women. (Due to bag the girl on the bus is not usually carry) wallet, there are a variety of personal information and supporting documents must carry at least reduce the scourge. To remind one. To avoid placing valuables in the car. 2. On the front of the car window before and after the first check if there is an unknown role, first remove and then in the car. 3. Immediately after the closed car. Nobody wants to run in this unfortunate situation themselves, but often things are unpredictable, is likely to result in inadvertently stolen car, a gesture can be an opportunity to prevent a thief! Halo, car theft. What are now a large part of the thief. . . Halo, these damn thief! Oh ................................................. .........................
You can use high voltage to theft1antilope2012-02-03 20:05:49
You can use high voltage to the theft
With the loss of identity and residence, you can make an ID card driver's license? Thank you for the1reindeer2012-02-12 17:28:29
With the loss of identity and residence , you can have a driver's license ID card ? Thanks to the
Whom to complain if anybody is trading in stocks with a false identity - using pan card etc of some body else?1Jessie2012-09-02 16:32:02
Who would complain if someone is trading in stocks with a false identity - pan card , etc. of a body more?

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