Is the party over for the AGW crowd?

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eric (new chem or physics prob. in)
Asked at 2012-09-02 10:28:03
Cap- and- Tax exhaust MedlinePlus The climate lobby loses three members . MedlinePlus Corporate defections yesterday's U.S. Climate Action Partnership ( USCAP ) , will not be received with the same outputs hosannas last year Apple Nike and the Chamber of Commerce through its stance on global warming , but they are certainly more important . This time - of - eyes scales shows that some U.S. companies are putting large shareholders and consumers ahead of politics. MedlinePlus The output is BP America , Conoco Phillips , and Caterpillar , who were among the first members of USCAP , a coalition of green pressure groups and Fortune 500 companies that tried to promote a program of cap- and-trade law. Some corporate members concluded that climate legislation was inevitable and expected to tip in a direction more favorable to trade. others
Answer1adbAnswered at 2012-09-21 03:42:02
I think it's important to try to curry favor with any political persuing a cap and trade agenda . They might decide that some animals are more equal than others .
Answer2Milkey Answered at 2012-10-08 15:27:51
A revenue here may be more economical than ambient . With enough people buying into AGW , politicians would benefit. Always cynical ..
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