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Buying a stock on the weekend?0boar2012-09-02 02:39:02
If you place an order to buy or short a stock on the weekend , when the order is placed ? Will be placed in trading before the Monday hours or be placed when the bell rings on Monday . Thank you.
Trading stock options on weekend?2Kenya Ruiz2012-09-05 02:17:03
Do most online brokers allow you to buy option contracts on the weekend ? Thank you.
Are there tax penalties for BUYING a stock then SELLING with in a few days then BUYING the same stock again?1dumitru2012-10-25 18:34:03
I am a novice in stock trading . I found a population that is in a constant roller coaster of ups and downs . Are there tax penalties ( or anyone else who needs to know about ) if I buy low sell high one day a couple of days later and then buy the same action again a few days after that when it falls to a minimum and continue repeating the same process if the pattern continues up and down ? I realize capital gains for short term trading about 35 % or so ... Any information would be helpful thanks .
When buying stock on Etrade, which amount am I buying?0fefe2012-10-07 13:45:30
I just opened an account in e- commerce . I want to buy a stock during the day. It shows a number of values ​​is for and says it is 20 minutes delayed. When I buy I'm buying for the price stated or do not know what the future price will be ?
Is selling a stock then buying the same stock back at a lower price considered day trading?0Janeille2012-07-24 07:49:02
I understand that buying stock then selling it for a higher price in the same day is considered a day trade. What about selling a stock bought on a previous day for a profit, then buying the same stock back at a lower price. Would that be considered day trading or not?
Do stock brokers have to disclose commissions before buying a stock for you?2kyaria2012-11-03 03:27:01
My 401k has offered a personal account option brokerage . I signed up and was forced to use a broker chosen by my employer to purchase shares . I asked the agent to make an exchange 40k and get a get a confirmation e shows a week after I charged a fee of 1k . Is this legal ? I should have asked the price. I figured it would be no more than a couple hundred . It was one of the stcok 10k $ 4. Any help would seem , would be appreciated.
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day, is that counted as one trade or two?0#OddKidd;2012-08-03 01:04:01
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day , it counts as a change or two?
The weekend they were just as well0Stewart292021-12-15 06:59:14
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When I buy a stock, who am I buying it from?3neejoo2012-10-14 19:35:02
Say I use my E -Trade account to purchase 10 shares of AAPL . Who was owned by the actions that I just bought ? Does the E -Trade maintaining an inventory of each share , or a cyberspace makes such electronic search using ScottTrade that just put in a sell order ?
How do I go about buying stock?1Acorn2012-10-20 22:04:02
I want to know how to buy stocks , I'd buy myself actions rather than through a company like e-commerce or otherwise.
Are you shopping this weekend?0TIFFNAY2012-08-13 12:21:01
Toys R Us and Babies R Us is having the big business in the event. So if you need something big, the time to buy
Stock Buying / Selling?1tomilola2012-10-12 10:41:02
I realized that when a company falls as 3% , the volume is very low .. MedlinePlus My question is how come the company lost 3% of its market capitalization in a very low volume ? MedlinePlus I have no example at this time , but I realized many times. MedlinePlus OK , I remember yesterday I read a story about the stock market that the value of shares traded was $ 1 billion , however , the market capitalization of global companies increased by $ 5 billion .. How did this happen ? I mean investors buy / sell shares worth $ 1 billion , with the market earned revenues of $ 5000 .. MedlinePlus that is confusing and strange Can someone please explain with examples .. MedlinePlus thank you very much

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