Can someone help me on the positive/negative effects on trading? related questions

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Can someone help me on the positive/negative effects on trading?0cella2012-09-02 01:14:02
Needing some please, to deliver a job tomorrow .
What were the positive and negative effects of the East India Trading Company on India?1sereena2012-10-22 10:08:02
What were the positive and negative effects of the Trans-atlantic Slave Trade?1Ariza2012-08-24 21:43:20
Were there positive effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade at all? Thank you.
Has international trade been positive or negative in Canada? why or why not?0skd2012-08-23 03:58:22
o How has that affected ?
Positive/Negative points of the Slave Trade?0chosen4cj2012-09-03 17:26:02
Hello. I'm doing a test on the history of the positives / negatives of the slave trade . And because I'm in the top set , is expected to be in GCSE style.Any Help? Thanks a lot beautifuls ! < 3 < 3 < 3
Mobile phone battery positive and negative to reverse it?1Nadne2012-10-24 06:01:02
Mobile phone battery with reversed polarity ? I used the machine OEM CECT . I want a Nokia battery in the phone , the battery a bit wide , I put my hand in the form . Well , and my cell phone battery is negative otherwise . opposite sign right?
Is the overall effect of QE2 [Quantitative Easing 2] positive, neutral, or negative? -- SEE BELOW --?0Sheshe2012-07-30 07:59:02
The Fed is now buying around $70 or 80 billion a month of *existing* Treasuries -- from Big Banks and other Bigtime Holders of Treasuries -- in order to pump cash into these same Big Banks etc. This will continue for many months, adding up to around $600 billion. [To put these amounts in perspective, I believe the Fed now has to raise an average of around $100 billion/month in treasury bond sales finance the annual budget deficit.] The short-term purpose of QE2 is basically to load the sellers up with cash, to the point where they pretty much have to do something with it (or hold the cash and sit around and watch it lose purchasing power). They can either: 1) Lend it out to borrowers, who the Fed expects will then spend it in some hopefully productive way: start or expand businesses, buy goods and services, boosting sales, thus boosting profits, and thus boosting employment. [Are reasonable-rate loans actually reaching borrowers who need them?] 2) Put it into the stock market, causing stocks to rise, supporting business growth and development, and boosting the net worth of people holding stocks, hopefully leading them to hire more workers, spend more money, boosting sales, and ultimately boosting employment. [When a stock price rises now, how much is due to increased success of the underlying company, and how much was due to the fact that QE2 money must end up somewhere?] Some sellers could just turn around and repurchase another similar bond (e.g., if they are adjusting a "bond ladder"), but the fed seems to be countig on the likelihood that at least some are going to spend it in a way that stimulates or supports business activity and generates new jobs. 3) Speculate with it in things like commodoties, etc. [Any contribution to Egyptian and Third-World unrest and instability?] ------------------------------- Is the primary, longer-term purpose of QE2 ..... Currency "Rebalancing" ? QE2, like QE1, definitely adds money to the money supply, and -- unless American productivity also proportionately rises -- will likely cause a decrease the value of the dollar relative to foreign currencies, and a loss in the purchasing power of a dollar. This is especially true if the Banks & Biggies were to decide to invest some of their new cash directly into emerging markets or assets abroad. While this may be profitable for the bank, it's not effective at putting Americans back to work. And if Banks use the money to trade commodities or speculate, how does that help the American economy? The expectation is that, over time, foreigners and foreign investors will find their currencies buy more in America than they used to. Over time, foreigners and foreign investors may purchase more of the American goods and/or American assets (companies, factories, land, real estate, etc). The aim here is to reduce imports, increase exports, increase employment, reduce the Trade/Balance-of-Payments Deficit, and facilitate continuing sales of U.S. Treasury Bonds at reasonable rates. *However*, oil becomes more expensive to Americans as the dollar's value declines. Historically, over the long haul, strong prosperous countries have had strong currencies, and weakening declining countries have had weakening countries, and I see no reason to believe the U.S. today is a remarkable exception. QE2 may be able to generate a stock market rally (and fuel speculation in commodities)... ...but what will be its overall, net effect on primary parameters such as real per-capita income, national net-worth, real GDP, and the real strength of the American economy? A Net Positive... A Net Neutral... or a Net Negative ? What major points could be added here? Do you think there will be a QE3 [by that name or any other name]? Thanks for your answers!
Knitted fabrics and measures of positive and negative reasons for color1Niki2012-05-20 23:44:01
Knitted and measures of positive and negative reasons for the color
What are some positive environmental effects of trade liberalization?0Eury2012-08-18 05:31:04
What are some of the positive environmental effects of trade liberalization ?
Incasol Reviews: Positive Side Effects or Legit Ingredients?02022-02-22 01:13:52
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Are There Any Negative Effects of Truly Keto Gummies?12022-06-29 01:57:29
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What Are The Negative Side-Effects Of Ulixy CBD Gummies?0holdperson2021-08-01 14:10:08
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