Where can I find total buy volume vs total sell volume for a particular stock during the trading day? related questions

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Where can I find total buy volume vs total sell volume for a particular stock during the trading day?1Josep2012-09-21 13:34:03
Where I can find the total purchase volume vs total sales for a particular stock during the trading day ?
In stock trading, volume is the total stock bought and sold. Can we know the buy and sell numbers separately?1Marquel52012-10-23 09:49:02
In stock trading , the total volume of stock is bought and sold . Can we know the purchase and sale of separate numbers ?
If a stock has a low volume then starts trading at approximately 10 times this volume steadily Whats happening?1Andrew D2012-08-14 10:52:36
Volume/average volume stock?1ISABELA2012-09-20 04:15:03
So I was looking at the most actively traded share , and realized that the volume average is higher than the total volume of stocks. Google Finance defines as "Volume / average volume Volume is the number of shares traded on the day of late trading . The average volume is measured in 30 days " . eg SQQQ Vol / media. 896,284.00 / 917,737.00 So my question is how is possible unless they reduced the amount of shares in the last 30 days, and the average has not had time to catch up. I thought I may have this wrong. could someone please shed some light on this. Thank you.
Stock volume; how malleable is a penny stock with low volume?1Elija2012-09-22 13:08:03
what happens when you buy 10,000 shares of a penny whose 10-day average volume is 77.0000 shares? Does trade move inventory only cause a mass sell?
Dollar volume of stock compared to dollar volume of bonds traded.?0Mil2012-09-17 14:45:03
" If you can calculate the dollar volume of shares traded on any stock exchange for any " average " day and compare this amount with the dollar volume of bonds traded on any " average "day , which of the following is true : a. the market is much larger than the bond market , b . the stock market is important for the bond market , b.both markets are about the same size , c . bond market is more larger than the stock market , d . bond market is very , very, very, much larger than the stock market .
In volume control- - option- - attribute- - in showing following volume is controlled, what need is hit in front tick off1 단수명사 2012-02-06 03:30:09
In volume control - Option - attributes - in the next sample volume is controlled , you need is beaten in front of tick
How to find stock trading price from open, high, low, and close price and volume?1hOrNy deViL 2012-09-16 23:09:03
How to find the price of previous trading stocks open high low and close prices along with the volume? needed for the weekly reading . monthly and yearly high and low price? Which way to trade? pl let me know the method of calculation.
What does the volume in stock trading usually indicate?0crystal criss2012-07-14 04:37:02
I would think as volume went up more people would be buying thus the price would generally go up. is this correct?
What is the minimum volume to call a stock "good liquidity stock" for day trading in indian stock market?0REINY PLEASE HELP ME!2012-07-17 12:05:02
What is the minimum to call an action " sufficient liquidity stock " for the day trading in Indian stock market ?
How can you get the knowledge about stock trading volume?1Tasjuana2012-07-18 08:31:02
Does Etrade get a commision on the total amout of your stock sale when it is sold or on top of your trading $?1Gloria Jackson2012-08-21 11:10:02
Soley is simply flat fee for each trade or further adds a commission when the stock is sold ?

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