Do i need to pay commision or service charge 4 every single share trading transaction on a online demat acct? related questions

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Do i need to pay commision or service charge 4 every single share trading transaction on a online demat acct?2Quincy2012-10-01 21:25:02
If I buy or sell any part in my online demat account what is the fee or service charge will I have to pay the bank where I opened my account . And how is it calculated .
Less brokerage/service charge/interest Demat account in India(Hyderabad) for trading?1Tokey2012-08-13 19:44:03
I am planning to trade. I just want to know what account / Demat account offers less charges ( brokerage , freight service ... ) in India ?
I went to know online share trading charge of all online share trading companey of india.E-mail : Sanjoy.nandy1fidelcio2015-07-14 02:37:17
I have 32 years boy
Hi Friends,Planning to open a online trading and demat A/C with Geojit cud anyone give feedback abt service?0Peter2012-07-24 11:24:02
Hello Friends , plans to open an online trading and Demat A / C with no feedback to service CUD Geojit ABT ?
How can I sell my PNB share, I donot have online trading account, but I have demat. Please help?2fatma2012-09-03 20:04:02
Hello , I bought 100 shares of GNP. I want to sell the shares. What are the possible ways you could sell . Thanks in advance .
Can a student on an F1 Visa open a demat (online share trading) account in the US?0BOSS2012-11-03 05:10:53
I suppose they should be able to, considering that overseas trading options are available to anyone, regardless of where on the globe they are!
What is the transaction charge for trading in India stock market?1TINA52012-07-07 00:44:02
I would like to know about BSE , NSE and all benchmarks.
Which mobile service can be a better option if I want to use it for online share trading?1Lumi2012-08-21 10:06:02
I want to trade online and want a mobile phone that can support Internet with easy navigation . On the other hand I also want a provider network that can get an affordable price. What is the best option for me ?
Who is giving good online share trading service with nominal price?3Gabrie2012-10-23 10:40:02
Since I am just arrived in stock trading , I can not trasaction minimal. I would not spend more money to the brokerage, opeining into account , the cost of AMC. I suggest a good idea. If you know good and well .
How many demat a/c and Margin trading a/c can be opened in the name of single individual?0bullfrog2012-09-22 04:00:03
Most people have two or three bank accounts because there is no limitation on the number of bank a / cs can keep This rule applies to Demat A / C and margin trading a / c . How many trade demat / c room a / c can be opened . If I'm new in Indian stock market , and opened a margin trading a / c with a broker and if I am not happy with their sevices , I can open ? Margin trading a / c with another broker . Will I have to close above a / c . Is there a rule on this subject
I want to open DEMAT account for online shares trading.Which bank demat A/c will be best? I think SBI best?>?0AM2012-10-14 10:09:49
What documents should I bring to open Demat account ? Will test adress is the document necessary? ( I am staying at remote location where demat near a facility / c not there.I am going to Hyderabad for some construction and will open a c / well) . So please suggest .
Who will deduct the STT, service tax and education cess from my 3 in1 trading, savings demat account ?0Benbee2012-10-09 18:32:19
Does the bank do ? I want to open an account with HDFC securities . Also, I will give a statement of deductions ?

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