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Phoenician and Roman bloodline?2ESLstudent2015-10-30 23:57:07
My mother is from Lebanon , and has Phoenician blood . Chances are she would not also have Roman , because the Phoenicians and Romans traded much . They also shared the habits , customs and culture dissemination . You may have at least one great great great great grandfather or mother Roman . Please answer my question.
How did Phoenician trading stations develop into colonies?0Tasty2012-08-07 20:40:44
I would like to know more , so if anyone wants to add more information about Phoenicia !
How do I find sample drawings of bloodline for dialysis?1swan2012-03-18 23:09:34
drawing shows bloodline customedesigned
Trading BloodLine Champions Beta key, or Demonoid account creation key for Vindictus?0pleasehelpme:)2012-10-06 15:42:22
I want to change a key or Bloodline Champions Beta Key torrenting demonoid account creation for Vindictus key note !
Roman discussion question...?0hmmmm2012-07-27 01:13:03
How was the Roman world shaped by trade? Discuss the implications of the Mediterranean as mare nostrum. How did trade work to bring the Roman world together? ... I said that trade routes were benificial for imports and exports, and they needed to transport their well equipped army. I'm kind of stuck on the question about the Mediterrenean, I'm not exactly sure how it affected roman society; ideas please? Thanks [;
Custom Roman Blinds In London1DavidCathey2016-07-24 23:04:32
Why House Couturier as curtain maker in west London are more preffered above others?
Most people in the Roman Empire made a living by..?1Ellen Kho2012-08-27 14:39:02
A.working Agricultural Research , USDA gu MedlinePlus B.serving in the army MedlinePlus MedlinePlus D.farming PLEASE HELP ! MedlinePlus Another? please help MedlinePlus All these made ​​it easier to move and trade throughout the empire SAVED! MedlinePlus R. The building of roads . MedlinePlus B. The creation of a uniform system of weights and measures . MedlinePlus C. The eruption of Vesuvius . MedlinePlus D. The acceptance of a common currency . MedlinePlus ANSWER WHETHER YOU RECEIVE best answer . !
Why did the decline of the Roman Empire lead to the Dark Ages?0Gabby ( 5 grade)2012-08-07 19:09:02
I do not understand why the populations of Western Europe declined , literacy declined , reduced international trade, etc. after the Romans ceased to rule the Western Europe.
To day Hindu News Paper on trade between Tamil&Roman ports-1BCE/4CE.Is it another mile stone in Tamil History?0READ ME!! NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-09-06 11:28:04
More evidence uncovered in the ancient port of Muziris . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pattanam , a small town located 25 km north of Kochi , is the new pilgrimage site in the international archaeological map . This quiet place , archaeologists now confirm , was once the thriving port known to the Romans as Muziris and sung in praise by poets as Sangam Tamil Muciri . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Every year since 2005, the excavations have thrown objects , structures and even a canoe on a sample to confirm this conclusion . This year has also been productive for archaeologists . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A figure of a leaping lion carved in great detail in a semi precious stone and metal micro bright object with intricate designs are two of the special items found during the ongoing excavations that began in February. Antimony Copper bars , usually associated with cosmetic use , were also found . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The semi precious stone with the lion figure measures about 2 cm and rounded at the edge . It seems to be part of a pendant or ring. MedlinePlus The object is still to date in a scientific way , but going by the depth at which it is, is placed provisionally in the early historic period
Roman Empire vs British Empire?0glow 'n' show 2012-10-27 03:07:18
What was most powerful empire in the ... MedlinePlus - Greater influence in the modern world MedlinePlus - The Strongest domination MedlinePlus International Relations - Strong Military MedlinePlus - The Strongest MedlinePlus economic power Strongest industrial or agricultural -Power MedlinePlus - The Strongest trade system MedlinePlus - Size MedlinePlus MedlinePlus -Life Span - Percentage of World Population MedlinePlus - Population USDA Agricultural Research Empire - Superior technological

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