Is a good online trading site to go through? Is there customer service good? related questions

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Is a good online trading site to go through? Is there customer service good?0English<32012-09-01 11:14:02
The question called for a cause I've never done action before, but would like to get into it . The experience was not as I expected it to be and was curious if Zecco is good to try to sit ?
What's the best online stock trading site? In terms of costs, speed, customer service, efficiency, etc.?0ashhh2012-08-04 21:28:49
As in cheap or low cost per trade, low commission. Fast, not taking too long to actually perform the transaction, if possible honoring prices they themselves gave. Easy, not having to put a lot of info on each trade, if possible single click, and good friendly customer service Offering the option to have cash dividends sent to your home instead of being reinvested. I might also want the option to have the 'paper' representation given for stocks be sent to my house.
In India, which is providing less brokerage charge for all customer and Good Service and No AMC?0Muwahahahaha 2012-09-25 12:29:02
I would open the online trading and demat account.Atpresent am using HDFC , 'm paying brokerage is 0.5 percent for delivery.I am using OUTLOOK market.Please investment share let me know what you're giving less intermediation and better service . reliance money 'm not interested , because I can not agree with the secure identification token all times.Please Guide .
Who is giving good online share trading service with nominal price?3Gabrie2012-10-23 10:40:02
Since I am just arrived in stock trading , I can not trasaction minimal. I would not spend more money to the brokerage, opeining into account , the cost of AMC. I suggest a good idea. If you know good and well .
Best online stock trading site, best price per trade and service. can someone recommend a site to me?2Henry 12012-10-19 06:34:07
The best stock trading site online at the best price and service trade . anyone can recommend a site for me?
Who knows a good stock trading site for teens with no minimum amount online?2bird_of_paradise2012-07-05 18:59:02
You may not know what I mean by " at least not online ," I'm not used to this strange language , but I'm looking for a good start for the purchase and sale of shares ......
What is a good online trading site for a novice, low investment ($2,000 or less) newbie to on line trading?1laurend2012-09-21 06:51:02
I'm interested in learning how to buy and sell for fun and profit, but want to do so on a shoe string budget. I'll do my own research, etc. I'd just like to have a reasonable place to learn and practice that won't nickel and dime my small account to death and wont' be hounding me to buy other products. Thanks for your help!
Any one try Zecco yet? The online, free trades, stock site?1nah2012-09-03 12:55:03
I'm with another one right now , but it costs too much for the small purse I have. I wondered Zecco was as good as claimed.
What is a good site to learn about and trade stocks online?1Penny2012-10-04 00:27:02
I'm interested in learning how to trade online . I want a site that will help me learn what action to look and let me trade online at low cost.
Is a good stock broker ?0Zoomy2012-09-01 02:29:02
I saved $ 100 so far. Zecco is offering $ 0 Trade . What are the ups and downs of ? Anyone ever use them ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are reputable brokers securities that are low in trade ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks again in advance.
How is Automated trading with Zecco (or is there a better site)?0Esteban2012-08-07 22:44:02
I heard Zecco can self - run your business to set your preferences as to what actions you want to buy / sell. It is this feature comprehensive and easy to use? Also, I will be able to select a list of actions to see that then you can buy / sell a rise time / fall the percentage set for me? If not, is there any brokerage site that I can do this with ? ( or in any way ?)
Can I become rich trading currency online? Is Forex Trading good for making money? Which currency pair's good?1sarah jane2012-09-04 13:42:02
I think Forex trading allows you to earn money every day every time from anywhere in the world. Can you make a minimum of $ 100 every day in forex trading ? What is the strategy for that? What indicators will be used and to what extent are reliable ?

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