Do you think that Spoelstra and Bosh will be the biggest sacrificial goats on Miami if this team fails? related questions

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Do you think that Spoelstra and Bosh will be the biggest sacrificial goats on Miami if this team fails?0Aldrich2012-09-01 06:30:03
I think Erik will be removed as coach if not won in two years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think Bosh could end up being sold elsewhere for a bad team that could have two solid big men ( from legit C and PF ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not think LeBron or Wade will be negotiated in the future unless an injury because they are 2 of the 3 best players and bring the excitement and income to heat Organization.
Heat will fire spoelstra, trade wade and bosh?2dp2012-09-04 05:12:02
This is NOT a superteam, its lebron and the others playing like crap. problem with a team with 3 all stars is they have to be CONSISTENT for team to be good, if wade is playing like crap he's a waste as he's been these whole playoffs. pacers are too big with hibbert who is a taller looking bosh. Offseason keep lebron trade wade and bosh and you can get unbelievable talent,cut miller, sign oden and let pat riley coach and then you will see a real superteam with lebron as the leader. Dont you agree?
Miami Heat Fans, would you prefer to see Eric Spoelstra fired or one of the big three traded?3Meriah2012-10-26 13:20:02
Or none of the above ? What do you think should happen ? Phil Jackson?
Who could miami trade bosh for?0lidiya2012-10-07 06:20:58
I do not say nonsense should be traded just want to know the options possibel
Chris Bosh leaves TO and the Big 3 in Miami?0DeNawQisha2012-10-16 10:01:08
These are my thoughts on the situation in the NBA right now, its pretty lenghty, but I would like some opinions anyway ... if possible keep in mind that I am from Toronto Raptors and a fan so you can have some bias. I also made some jokes, but I mean no offense to anyone reading this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hello, I know this is more than a week late, but I've been busy with homework ... but I'm still putting off and decided to write this note. Maybe it's good that I'm now writing this note because I've had time to think about the situations of both and now I will post my opinions. I really am neutral in both cases and not sure which way I would like. If someone does not agree with everything I say, of course, can respond again ... that's the reason I posted this. MedlinePlus Sorry if this really too long, which usually is not my opinion for anything other than hockey, but this is something very important. You can also get to compare these issues to issues in other sports. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, it's time to talk CB4. There are some fans who are angry with him for some fans to come out and thank you for your time and encourage him in Miami. This is how I see it: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The first time I thought bosh, I remembered how people started joking last December, when the Blue Jays trade Roy Halladay. Sundin was in 2008, Halladay in 2009, and will bosh in 2010 ... and they were right. I was thinking of comparing the situation to sundin bosh and Halladay, but then I realized it would be a slap in the face to both of them. Do not get me wrong, I do not hate cb4. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus in my opinion is the best sundin sheet (which have been around since 1928) and largest swede in playing the game and it's likely that he is a Hall of Fame come 2012. also when he left, there were some who did not like how not wave his no-trade, but he insisted that he would not leave his team in the middle of the season and even when he played in Vancouver, he was not the same and I think that is because many did not play with the same heart he had when he was with the leaves. He also continued to appear at charity events offseason Toronto and Toronto thanks for all you have done for him. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus in my eyes Halladay is the best pitcher in the Blue Jays have had and if he keeps going at the pace of the cases, you will likely be a Hall of Famer too. when he left, he took a full page in the Toronto Sun to thank the fans for everything they have done jays. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus as for bosh however, I do not think so. he is a good player, but I do not think he is a franchise player. I admit I used to think it was until last season when he received the blows jermaine oneal and they were fighting ... Then I realized if it was really a franchise player, the team would be doing so badly. also the way he left leaves a bitter taste. his Twitter and how he missed the last few games of the season kind of bothered me, if the injury was serious but I understand that see guys like Steve Nash battle with severe and desire bosh did the same when the season was on the MedlinePlus line. MedlinePlus at the same time, but from the point of view of those who still love bosh, people complain that bosh Colangelo never brought a talented supporting cast as other playoff teams have. You can agree with point no .... no offense to anyone reading this, but the kidnappers to stop the euro focus and think like the Celtics (much as I hate them), all black everything. also showed some passion when he was here and to his credit, has worked very hard. I never saw it as my favorite raptor, I felt more like mo pete ethich nonsense to work and learn its function. Bosh said he wanted to be a robin batman but retracted his word and signed with Miami ... but in the eyes of someone else, I guess you could say that he was not going to his word because it will be a 3rd option for Wade and LeBron will batman and robin. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not hate bosh because he knew it was time to leave and the Raptors needed to rebuild, but it's the way the left that leaves a bitter taste. the kidnappers never won a playoff round, while he was here, so I hope you receive (and probably) beyond the first round. but for those who hate bosh, here's a suggestion I have for what I could do, take a page from the book of Bosh. during the summer to make a 30-minute documentary about how he got through, leaving Chris Bosh to the Raptors hope to do well and get a tattoo or a car or anything else of importance and the name of the documentary "First Ink" or "first car" or whatever first. then Twitter (or facebook for those like me who do not use twitter) about a month before the season starts and his status message "aloud how I boo chris bosh?" ... then after 6 hours of "let me rephrase the question: Should I applaud or boo" MedlinePlus? I know this sounds stupid, but this is what Chris was doing
Miami should trade Bosh??10pts!!!?1ree2012-08-09 02:48:02
Bosh is not a defensive player that can hold down the paint for Miami, he is more of a scorer, I think they should go out and get someone that is a very good defensive player, Bosh can score and get points but they already have Lebron and Wade who can get 30 or 40 a night. I bet money that if Miami loses in the playoffs then its going to be because of someone exposing their weak point in the paint like Hibbert did the other night. Maybe Bynum, Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Al Jefferson, even Deandre Jordan who is a really good defensive player but has not established an offensive game. Dwight Howard would be Ideal but I don't think Orlando will ever give up Howard, even if he decides to leave Orlando Miami would never have enough money to sign Howard unless they give up Bosh. Miami will never give up Wade because he is too valuable to them. So everyone can stop all this Wade being traded crap. I'm not a Miami fan BTW, I just know that Miami was dumb for signing three offensive stars and completely forgetting about defense.
Will Bosh be overshadowed in Miami by Lebron and Wade?0Iz2012-10-12 17:41:16
Miami ran for Wade and Lebron , as they are 2 of the 3 best players in the league (although I hate to admit to Lebron ) . But Bosh is only a third option . If he went to Cleveland in a sign and trade to Toronto were willing to do , would have been at least Scottie Pippen Lebron now he will be out and his numbers will suffer. At most could score 16 points per game because Wade and Lebron trying to score 50-55 a night together .
Why did Chris Bosh refused to go Cleveland only to be a third fiddle in Miami?1coreen2012-09-09 11:10:02
If he had accepted a sign and trade that was proposed by Cleveland is the second option and chances are it was a boy 22-24 and 10. In Miami is a role player , but I guess that is the sacrifice you have to make is going to Miami . It is the third violin . Haha .
Are Miami better off trading Bosh next season for a good PF and decent C?1red2012-11-02 21:55:01
Bosh is a superstar, but Miami has a big problem at the Centre. Both Haslem and Joel Anthony are too inferior to begin in C. I think Miami is better to get an OP 15 and 8 and 10 C and 8 to maintain a Bosh 20 and 10 or 11.
ON when you go to the nba section it said j.kidd in future in miami heat and can heat get bosh trading?0Edner2012-10-20 03:59:39
IN when go to the NBA in the future j.kidd said Miami Heat and the Heat can trade bosh ?
Im the biggest d Wade fan but imma Miami Heat Fan Since like 16 tho if heat don't win the ring this year..?0soniya2012-10-16 20:51:43
I mean he had exchanged ima fan d wade though the oldest of the three , so you would [ d be some trade options suitable for d wade ? MedlinePlus dwade for howard d .. ? MedlinePlus dwade for love .. k ? MedlinePlus dwade and Mike Miller for d will and brook lopez ? reviews
What will be your team's biggest need in the offseason?4jbcbjbi2012-10-22 07:47:02
I'm a Laker fan and personally, I know we need to upgrade that bench. The bench cost us too many games this year and it made me throw up every time the Lakers lost. And that series against the Thunder hurt even more. If we had a bench, the Lakers MIGHT have won the series. DC would be good off the Lakers bench because I CAN get a lot of points. LOL Jason Terry would be a great fit with the Lakers but I'm hoping he'll take less money since the Lakers DON'T have that much cap space left. Or maybe bring Odom back and sign another 3-point shooter like Steve Novak. BQ: Do you think Pau Gasol will get traded?

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