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Do you prefer to trade only during certain times of the trading day?0scooby2012-08-31 13:35:02
Not the greatest volume done in the morning , and a day later ? Is not the slow half-day trade? Do you have a preference for trade ?
In intra trading we have the benefit of trading 5 times or 20 times the investment we have .so is it compulsor?1anonymou2012-10-03 00:38:02
In intra trade we have the benefit of 5 times or 20 times the investment have.Then is mandatory that we use the full amount of purchase of shares or in part can be purchased as required , ie without need to use the full amount ? ?
How many times a day should I make a trade when trading forex?1Boy2012-09-02 03:25:03
I am going to turn 18 tomorrow and I've had a practice account for several months and have been experimenting with it all that time, trying different strategies and techniques and have found a way to keep on making small consistent profits. What I'd like to know is for when the time comes tomorrow to put in real money, what would be a recommended number of times I place a trade every day I trade forex to make small consistent profits? Good answers would be much appreciated. Thanks.
How many times per day does a broker trade a particular stock? (day trading)?0witshell2012-07-30 14:16:02
I'm trying to find out if and how often does a broker by day in the same population? are bought and sold for the chance of a few cents on a particular action to try to make my profit a little repetitive?
I do day trading and trade stocks several times a day. For tax purpose should I file sch. C or D ?2Mounika2012-08-16 23:44:31
Which do you prefer to trade.....?0Cecilla2012-09-26 06:39:08
I am a trader of 19 years. Mainly currency trading , but sometimes I swing stock trading and binary options . I dabbled a bit in the binary options futures and made a little money , but my main bread and butter is coins. Do you want to trade ? Shares / options , currencies, commodities (futures ) , e -minis bonds , etc. I would like only those that have changed at least two or three of these markets to respond . There is no point replying if only changed or future actions . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * NOTE : I know I'm young and I have only trade for 2 ½ years. I know I have a lot to learn and all that. So I do not need lessons on how difficult that some markets are trading commodities or how is a " zero sum ​​game " and all that, blah , blah . I know all this . I just want to know what you prefer to trade *
Pease, when is the best times to trade Cad/Jpy, Aud/Jpy, Gbp/Jpy curiency pairs in forex trading?1ganash2012-08-15 12:58:34
Please could you kindly advice me on the best times to trade these curiency pairs ( Cad/Jpy, Aud/Jpy, Gbp/Jpy and Gbp/usd ) in forex trading? Because I have'nt quiet have a better understanding about the characteristics of the pairs and what best time to trade them. By the way, I am based on a GMT+1 time zone. I look forward to your kind response warm regards, Charles Pepple
Why do economist prefer free trade to trade agreements?0RAJESH2012-11-01 23:16:56
international trade agreements can protect job, but why do they favor free trade?
If u were Orlando, what trade package would u prefer?0Jocelyn2012-08-04 01:37:50
Brook Lopez(who hasnt proved hes worth big $ that he would be getting in this sign & trade) Marshon Brooks(has a very bright future) Kris Humphries(very underrated PF and a double double guy) 3 1st round picks(which would all be towards the end of the 1st round most likely since Nets would be contenders OR Andrew Bynum Metta World Peace a couple picks to me its simple. YOu take the Lakers offer. You know what your getting in Bynum and MWP, u dont really know with Lopez or how good MArshon brooks will actually be. You take the sure thing and run with it and build around it
Why do people prefer to trade FnO instead of stocks?0Anthropian2012-11-04 02:22:03
Which trade would you hypothetically prefer if you had to choose one and why?2chyrl2012-08-30 02:06:14
Asik , Loul Deng , Taj Gibson , Kyle Korver , to elect Dwight Howard and Ryan Anderson or Joakim Noah, Taj, Korver, Watson Dwade
Maplestory account trade (prefer kradia)?1Freak 2012-11-04 13:32:02
hey , my interest has turned against me and now I'm looking for some kind of character diff. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for a cleric or dk MedlinePlus ( pre - dk ) MedlinePlus trade ... You can add in mesos MedlinePlus dex -fighter under 30 ... str everything else. high blows , lvl 62 in kradia MedlinePlus - f / p mage lvl 52 .... 40 luk everything else ... kradia intel on MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * These are the two separate accounts

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