Why should we trust people who promoted allowing people to invest thier social security in the stock market? related questions

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Why should we trust people who promoted allowing people to invest thier social security in the stock market?3Julia2012-11-06 02:11:02
It would be nice to pretend that Republicans are full of great economic ideas that benefit the country , but again and again , presented plans that happen to be devastating for people . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So why should we trust them now? MedlinePlus ie : MedlinePlus SSI market investment . MedlinePlus The deregulation of the insurance industry , and mortgage banking. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Free Trade Deregulation of outsourcing to increase competition MedlinePlus etc ...
Is The GOP fix for Social Security to keep upping the Age were only people with easy jobs have a chance?2Rhea2012-08-31 18:55:03
65 is pretty old for lots of trades. lots of jobs are brutal on a working person.
I invest in 4 Janus Funds, do people still not trust them?1tameka2012-10-06 07:23:03
I started in the mid -90s and went up only to see them crash during the bear market ... then the scandal of the trading day .... I held nevertheless , when people fled ..... Thank God he did, because Janus has returned with a vengeance and changed their whole approach ... Still higher risk , but more in tune with the market and investors ..... What do you think ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus JAVLX MedlinePlus JAWWX MedlinePlus JSVAX JAOSX
Who is Stupid in Stock Market Trading? Why People Sell, When I am buying? Why People Buy? When I am selling?0tana2012-09-21 08:45:02
in the stock market , MedlinePlus I often wonder this, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why do people sell when I'm buying? Why people buy ? When I'm selling ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Who is the fool here ? Me or others ?
Before retreating social security, whether handle social security card again1Moo Haha 2012-01-21 02:49:00
Before retiring from social security , either to handle the social security card again
Please could you list companies that started trading thier stock with pennies and now thier stocks in dollars?1Pd2012-09-20 09:41:04
Please could you list the companies that started thier stock trading with pennies and dollar reserves thier now?
When Romney privatizes Social Security, do you think we will be able to trade in the market as we please or?5anymous2012-11-04 06:49:02
have to choose a mutual fund through an investment bank ? I sure hope you can trade freely and not be blocked for long-term things . I am taking a course in day trading and I can not wait to strarted .
Why do people despise social democracies so much?3Gilda2012-09-05 06:23:05
The principles: The government should: 1. Hold free and fair for its citizens to decide who should rule, with a multiparty democracy system for a variety of ideals can be put into practice. 2. Having a mixed economy that is private enterprise and public ownership programs or subsidized education, health, child care and related social services for all citizens. 3. It has a wide social security system (although not to the extent advocated by socialists), with the stated aim of countering the effects of poverty and assure the citizens against loss of income following illness, unemployment or retirement. 4. Government bodies that regulate private enterprise in the interests of workers and consumers, guaranteeing labor rights, consumer protection and market competition. 5. Promote environmentalism and enforce environmental protection laws designed to combat global warming. 6. Value-added/progressive have a tax system to finance government spending. 7. Having a secular and socially progressive policies. 8. Promote immigration and multiculturalism. 9. Advocate for fair trade over free trade. 10. Have a foreign policy that supports the idea of ​​democracy, protection of human rights, multilateralism is possible, effective. 11. Encourage citizens to have a strong sense of international solidarity and tolerance. 12. Advocate for social justice, human rights, social rights, civil rights and civil liberties. Most countries do this, and yet if you talk to them about social democracy and a welfare state that will scream socialism and "freedom." Just do not understand.
Is their any exhibbhition or fair held for stock market people?1Linda Wortham2012-10-13 14:58:02
As trade fair / exhibhition held in Delhi for commercial / / ? Is their any exhibhition fair held or held in relation to market share? ? pls help
Why are some people allowed to trade in the stock market before and after it closes?0English<32012-09-10 02:48:01
Why some people authorized to operate in the stock market before and after the closing?
People say there is risk in every trade on the stock market... Is that true?0The passage of time,X ° -2012-11-06 07:14:57
I keep hearing that there is risk in any trade or any legal trade that is, but say there were an earthquake in China, surely you would buy long into construction companies... Where's the risk??
Can people outside Australia trade on the Australian stock market?0_ M. You.. 2012-08-20 22:02:01
If so , how and what runners on base in Australia would work. How does someone in the U.S. start with this ?

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