Anyone else tried the Stock Trading Robot for day trading or swing trading? related questions

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Anyone else tried the Stock Trading Robot for day trading or swing trading?0caintgetrite2012-08-30 03:54:13
I'm really thinking about getting this software , my friend has it and it looks and works great from what I've seen . Unfortunately this is how everything seems to have , I need some testimonials to push forward. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Price is not the problem because it is very cheap, but I have yet to hear from some people who actually day / swing trade with it . I love the fact that it is designed to work better than most small employers with high turnover , which is a plus because that's me. Trade is my golf . Also I suck at golf . No hobby better if you ask me. Furthermore, the way it looks is a plus, every time I see it in my friends computer monitors seem to really know what you are doing. MedlinePlus You can pay what I'm talking about here
Can any experieced swing trader out there recommend a very good stock picking software for swing trading?2Corey2012-10-02 00:51:03
Can anyone experieced swing trader out there recommend a stock picking software great for swing trading ?
What Do You Think About Stock Trading Robot?0Myles2012-07-18 03:10:01
2 " geeks" , named Michael and Carl developed the first commercially available stock picking "robot" and claim that ...
Has anyone heard of the stock trading robot?0Erica!!!2012-10-22 23:50:47
Is it legitimate ? Just want to know before proceeding , they are asking 97 dollars.Thanks .
Has anyone tried Marl the Stock Trading Robot? Is it for real or is it a scam ?0Ronaldo2012-11-05 07:59:03
I found this site and looks intersting , but I think it could be a scam . Could it be real? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
What's the best software to use for stock market swing trading?0acshikari2012-07-13 02:15:02
What is the best software to use for swing trading stock market ?
Swing Trading, How to find a good stock?0Meech2012-07-25 05:14:01
I like the idea of top-down approach , but here are some of my questions Should I choose an industry that is doing the best ? or should I be recovering from an industry I think will soon be the best in the industry ? Also, how the company compares with industry to see how well it is performing THANKS !
What is evidence of a strong bullish stock (swing trading)?2AMAR JYOTI2012-10-07 10:26:02
I'm trying to find out how to find stocks that are very bullish and will go up (maybe 1-2% a day), or 4-5% a week.
What are the best books to learn the stock market and swing trading?2Sick Sick2012-10-08 04:20:03
I am looking for the best books for teaching me about the stock market and swing trading . I know nothing about the stock market and investment, but have always been interested in it. Please let me know some good books out there to help me get in my way. Thanks for any help.
Why is it that the stock market makes such huge swing in the last hour of trading?0Felipe2012-07-25 20:49:02
I think it is funny business going on.
What are some good resources on swing and position trading in the stock market?0Smart Kid2012-07-07 03:43:02
What are some good websites and books that cover strategies, tips, and info on successful swing or position trading in today's stock market?
Anyone knows the powerful strategy given in "Who wants to be a stock millionaire by secret BB swing trading me?0Rayna2012-07-11 22:54:02

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