Rate my basketball fantasy team?

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PG : Mike Conley , Brandon Jennings , Jose Calderon MedlinePlus SG : Dwyane Wade , Wesley Matthews ( to be replaced by Brandon Roy ? ) MedlinePlus SF: Rudy Gay , Danny Granger MedlinePlus FP : Michael Beasley , Antawn Jamison , Carlos Boozer MedlinePlus C : Joakim Noah , Al Jefferson , LaMarcus Aldridge MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Normally , the average basketball fan fantasy would be more than excited about this line -up . But keep in mind that Joakim Noah and Brandon Roy are coming after the All-Star break recovering from injuries , and Rudy Gay will miss four weeks because of a bad shoulder . I was able to grab a lot of great talent ( Jennings , Boozer , Beasley ) taking a chance on getting them while they were wounded and wait a couple of weeks until they were healthy and ready to go . So far , my risk was a success and I am currently second in the league six teams . Should I do the same risk of Brandon Roy and Joakim Noah ? If I hold on to Rudy Gay until you are healthy, or find other options out there ? Or should I go for a job ( My computer is very poor in assists , and has poor FG and FT percentages ) .

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