Which broker would you recommend for small size stock trader? related questions

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Which broker would you recommend for small size stock trader?1Kish2012-09-07 04:15:02
Looking for a broker for individual investment . I thought of Scottrade , Ameritrade , E- trade. Also thought of using only the investment bank america account . I need no negotiating short .
Who is the best online broker for a small time trader?4Help Please!-Allie2012-10-09 14:46:02
I am looking for very low commissions and hope to find an online brokerage firm where they can exchange small amounts of shares easily and without losing money for fees . On the other hand, the balance of my departure is small, so I need a low minimum requirement . Finally , I have to really be able to trust the company with my money , so no I have not heard of. Thank you !
What stock trading website would you recommend to a first time trader? ?0Vanessa2012-09-12 11:19:04
Hello , I have 19 years and I've been wanting to start learning stock trading , but I'm not sure which site to use . I was thinking about eTrade but the fees are very high and have a minimum of $ 500. I did some virtual trading with fake money in wallstreetsurvivor.com and 21 % return after a few months . So I looked at OptionsHouse and Scottrade . OptionsHouse was leaning as they have low rates and no minimum . Has anyone had any experience good / bad with OptionsHouse ? Thank you. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, if anyone has a good website that teaches beginners who would like to know . Thank you.
How accurate is the eSignal stock trade software? would you recommend it for a beginner trader?0Niqua Lov3ly2012-10-06 15:04:04
my business is taking off and I decided to start negotiating part-time (4-5 hours daily ) MedlinePlus In the commercial, said the software gives recommendation to invest in specific actions and can pay for itself in one or two operations , how accurate is the software? Would you recommend it ?
Could you please recommend online stock broker?0khris2012-09-07 20:58:02
I am interested in trading UK stocks and futures , index futures FTSE I mean. MedlinePlus Therefore, I am looking for a broker that has internet platform for me to trade. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
Do you trade or play stocks? If yes what trader are you with? Which trader would you recommend and why?0Niranjan2012-11-02 02:21:18
I am ready to start trading and I'd like to know which one you would recommend (trader) and why. Thank you VERY much if you answer this question.
Can any experieced swing trader out there recommend a very good stock picking software for swing trading?2Corey2012-10-02 00:51:03
Can anyone experieced swing trader out there recommend a stock picking software great for swing trading ?
I want to start trading stock, day trading, which broker do you recommend?0leanne2012-07-31 03:57:02
So far I have changed Forex , I risker actions because they are more active and exciting . Tell me some traders , because when I search Google for stock brokers , say these links are values, but when I click all I get is the Forex ...
Details about choosing a broker or sub broker for my small investment?0MARTISIA2012-08-14 06:44:02
Friends I am a small salary man , I invest in my tel shares.Please a broker where I can get much of a good setup and I also help my investmet.Please tel where I can open my Demat & Trading A / C, is helpful for me. Please give me your answers as you think it's good . Thainks
Can someone explain bid size, ask size, and volume, when it comes to stock trading?1mathhomework2012-07-27 14:30:00
I am watching this penny stock, that is currently 0.151/share....the bid size is 0.15/10,000, and the ask size is 0.1515/5,000. The volume is 24,195,049. Suppose I have $10,000.....since it's 0.15 per share, I could buy 66,666 shares....but since the ask size is only 5000, does that mean I can't buy it all at once?
What software can you recommend for an amateur day trader that is focused on Technical Analysis? ?1-WinteR2012-10-20 19:14:01
Can day trading is a hobby , or have to be a full time job ? I have been educated in technical analysis , but it has been some years since. Now that I have the means to get involved in the markets , I am limited in time. I've been reviewing my skills and technical knowledge , but I'm curious about what are the best tools , software and supplier to trade . With advanced fr answers .
Can you recommend a book on setting up a business as a self-employed trader of stocks?23Rina2022-02-12 22:30:24
I'm having trouble finding a good book on how to better establish a business / tax where my main income is in stock trading . No investor - a merchant .

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