Best place to invest for Roth IRA?

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I'm interested in creating a new Roth IRA each year and put the maximum amount you can put into it (hopefully $ 5,000 ) a year . I have curious to know which agent to use . What are the best rates of return ? I am a member of T. Rowe Price , and people told me Health Sciences is a good choice , but did not explain why . I'm thinking of retiring around 60 or so , and I 'm only 22 right now. My goal is to save $ 5,000 / year for my Roth IRA first. Then I will use 60% ​​of my earnings remaining to play the stock market and possibly into Forex Trading ( possibly! ) . All profits generated from that will be reinvested either in the market or put temporarily in a savings account for next year ( for my Roth IRA ) . Anyway, since I will have many Roth IRA , I need to know what is a good choice for this moment and why . Also , I can put on a monthly payment to a Roth IRA contribution instead of a lump sum ? Thank you !
Answer1james NeilAnswered at 2012-10-11 16:39:57
No matter how Roth IRAs set - the total annual maximum contribution is limited by law MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus The investment period is long term and you must have an aggressive investment portfolio but diversified . Avoid putting a high percentage of their money to invest in individual market sectors .
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