Carson Palmer traded to the Raiders. Thoughts? related questions

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Carson Palmer traded to the Raiders. Thoughts?3Mitchie2012-10-03 10:32:03
I can not believe they traded two first-round picks for him , but this measure means likely to remain contenders in the AFC West . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus BQ : What would you do if you were the GM Raiders MedlinePlus BQ2 : Can the Raiders win the AFC West with him as his QB MedlinePlus BQ3 : What does this mean for the future trade of Jason Campbell ?
Do you think Carson Palmer would come out of retirement and accept a trade to the Raiders?0Chad2012-10-16 18:58:55
With Campbell injured of course Raiders need a quarterback . Carson Palmer retired only because I wanted a change and did not want to play for the Bengals and MedlinePlus MedlinePlus David Garrard revealed that need back surgery , so it is not an option and there are a lot of options unless Brett Favre comes out of retirement again lol MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you think Carson Palmer would come out of retirement to play for the Raiders , if you could?
Do you think trading Felix Jones For Rashard Mendehall And Carson Palmer is a Fair Trade In Fantasy Football?1Lolerskater2012-09-11 18:25:02
Do you think trading for Felix Jones and Rashard Mendehall Carson Palmer is a fair trade in Fantasy Football ?
Chris Mihm traded your thoughts?4Geral2012-11-05 08:41:02
Chris Mihm trade just before the deadline for memphiz for future draft picks , your thoughts ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus BQ : What do you think about these 3 Users girl. ( YFFL , Jade , Laina ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus YFFL - she always gives stars MedlinePlus Jade - post funny questions MedlinePlus Liana Purple & Gold - good b -ball knowledge MedlinePlus MedlinePlus they are all Lakers fans ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Star if you think we're going to beat the Hornets
NBA: I traded Kwame Brown from my association team, your thoughts?0Kiesha2012-07-26 21:18:01
NBA : I changed my team Kwame Brown of the association, your thoughts?
Thoughts on steve nash being traded to the lakers today (link)?0Rin2012-09-30 19:24:03
What are your thoughts on this trade Nash , who else can you think the Lakers have this season ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Roberto Luongo is only willing to be traded to the Florida Panthers, will it happen and your thoughts?5DERRICK2012-10-16 12:03:05
Thoughts on Andrea Bargnani being traded to Dallas for 5 future draft picks?0tiffay2012-09-07 14:34:03
Jk . Real question is : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is not " Chief McCormick " A complete DUMB **** B * TCHHEAD !
What are your thoughts on Emeka Okafor & Trevor Ariza traded to the Wizards for Rashard Lewis?0Withheld2012-11-05 15:32:02
How do I find carson by smartech?1CONVENTION 2012-01-18 19:12:37
1 / 5 scale gas
Who are the losers in the Palmer trade?2maggie r.2012-09-27 22:40:02
Cincinnati, at least on the surface, has the best end of the operation. Got rid of someone who was not playing, cleared salary of books, and got a first-round pick that can be leveraged in more choices or other high draft pick. Oakland is taking the risk that Palmer can regain his mojo in a hurry, and there is no evidence that he has already lost. The Raiders go for it and this is the risk that high of a deal as it is not. The timing of the injury initially appeared Jason Campbell unfortunate and cruel for a Raiders team clawing toward relevance. And yet, has resulted in an improvement? Sure, the Raiders paid a high price to land Palmer - but this is a player who has been trapped in the purgatory of Mike Brown, out of reach of the many teams in need. If it were not for this exact moment, and this specific situation, with Hue Jackson, I do not think there's a chance the situation boils Brown Palmer. Please believe me, ask the Miami Dolphins. Thus, while the Bengals certainly made out on this deal, especially since Andy Dalton has entered his new job very well. On Monday, the situation of the Oakland Athletics was serious. Now it might be better than it was. That is a major blow for a team that seemed out of options in the most important position in the field. Brown actually did a favor to Palmer to do so now. He could have waited until just before the project is likely to come a good deal for Palmer. But it is the right time. The Raiders are a team with title aspirations of division that lost their starting quarterback to injury, and Palmer was the only thing out there that they liked. The Bengals are thriving and Dalton is having an excellent rookie season, plus they do a fraction of $ 11.5 million salary Palmer. Dalton and A.J. Green is becoming a force, and the Bengals can address other holes with additional selections now. Even the stubborn Brown could not refuse, and has learned to pass up two first round of Chad Ochocinco Washington for a few years ago. The guy I feel sorry for is Campbell, who has had bad luck throughout his career and looking for another team again in 2012. I can not believe what I'm saying, but the Bengals just smarter than another. They Herschel Walker'd a team needed a quarterback. Potentially, two first round picks for a guy who has not exactly set the world on fire in recent seasons? Wow.
Will this help the Raiders in the future?0LaNissa2012-08-14 22:47:02
JeMarcus distance trade , Round 1 , 2010 , 2 2010 round and 3rd round of 2011. For a first round of first overall in 2010 and draft Tim Tebow ?

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