My computer is running when the old boot and see what the memory could not be "READ" in the dialog box

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My computer is running when the old boot and see what the memory can not be "read " dialog box how I can do ? It is a virus? ? ?
Answer1PlatonaAnswered at 2012-02-02 01:24:37
The memory can not write or read a solution to run some programs, sometimes causing a memory error, then the program closes. "0x ????????" Command Reference "memory ????????" 0x. The memory could not be "read". "0x 0x command reference ????????"" ????????" memory, the memory could not be "written". I wonder if there have been failures like this? (0x behind the content may not be the same.) General aspects of this phenomenon are, firstly, the hardware you have problems with memory, and second, the software, which has many problems. Let's talk about the following hardware: Typically, memory problems are not likely, the main points are: poor memory, memory problems of quality, there are two different brands of memory mixed in different capacities, but also more likely to incompatibility, but also pay attention to heat dissipation problems, especially after overclocking. You can use this software to detect what MemTest memory can be a complete proof of the stability of memory. If you are a dual memory, and mixed with different brands of memory inserted, or buy second hand memory, this problem occurs, this time, you should check that there is a memory problem or other hardware is not compatible . If not, then from software troubleshooting. Briefly talk about the principle: the memory has a data storage in a place called the buffer, when the program data on the location, because there is not enough, an overflow. For example: a bucket of water can only be a pound, on entering the couple of pounds of water that will overflow. The system is shown on the screen. This problem, often in Windows 2000 and XP, Windows 2000 and XP on the hardware requirements are very demanding in the case of resource deadlock, overflow or something like Windows 98 in the illegal operation, the system is stable, will not be over. Other hardware devices can also be caused by poor compatibility. Now I give you some examples of the analysis: Example One: Open Internet Explorer, or have not seen a few minutes there will be "0x70dcf39f" Command Reference "0x00000000" the memory. The memory could not be "read". To complete the program, click "OK" message box, click "OK" The case of "an internal error, which is using one of the windows will be closed" message box after closing the message, the Internet Explorer browser device has also been closed. Solution: correct or update the Internet Explorer browser, and patched. One solution is to read, since the upgrade Win2000, ie upgrading to Win2000 Win2000, in fact, this method is to restore the system to the initial state of the system. For example, upgrading to Internet Explorer 6.0, since the update, IE5.0 place. Example: Double-click the CD-ROM with Windows XP in the "autorun.exe" documents to prove the "0x77f745cc" Command Reference "0x00000078" the memory. The memory could not be "written" to terminate the program, click "OK" to run on Windows 98 is normal. Solution: This may be the system compatibility, winXP system, right from the file "autorun.exe", properties, compatibility, the option "Run this program in compatibility mode" option and choose "Windows 98/Me" . If you hit the SP patch win2000, Start, provided, Run, type: regsvr32 c: windows AppPatch slayerui.dll. Law, property, there will be compatibility options. Example Three: RealOne Gold closed bug has been used previously normal, recently closed at the time of "0xffffffff" Command Reference "0xffffffff" memory. The memory could not be "read" the system. Solution: When using the input method input method Microsoft Pinyin 2003, and hide the language bar (not hidden any problem), this problem occurs about RealOne Player, RealOne out of the bar that can display language, or to any other input method as the current input method to solve this problem. Example Four: My hero after queen can not play from the Internet, and increasingly asked to "0x060692f6" (each change) command reference "0xff000011" memory could not be "read", complete the program, click OK. Solution: Try reinstalling superhero king, even after heavy machinery to the official website to download the appropriate version of the spot being treated. Not yet, had to change the use of other players to try. Example Five: Double-click the shortcut to a game, "0x77f5cd0" Command Reference "0xffffffff" memory, the memory could not be "read", and asks Client.dat mistake. Solution: Reinstall the latest drivers for your video card, then download and install DirectX9.0. Six example: A friend sent me messages via computer has an error message: "0x772b548f" Command Reference "0x00303033" the memory, the memory can not be "written", then QQ online automatically, and then open QQ found He sent me a dozen of the information. Solution: This is the other use of QQ, ERROR, send a special code, QQ so bad, as long as the patch or upgrade to the latest version, all right.
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