I am now a company to compete with another agent, but he always thrown a small plot, not a fair competition, how can I do? related questions

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I am now a company to compete with another agent, but he always thrown a small plot, not a fair competition, how can I do?0Mark G2012-08-27 07:36:02
We are all college students , I was her school girl
I would like to open a small plot next to a little noodle shop about how much money?1kite2012-01-09 22:49:47
I would like to open a small plot next to a little noodle shop on the amount of money?
Obama says the US must compete with the world for jobs, does he mean that Unions must be eliminated to compete?1� ~* ho�nY D�viL *~ � 2012-10-13 17:22:06
In most emerging international labor pools exist in China and India . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus China has no independent unions . ACFTU ( All-China Federation of Trade Unions ) is a tool of the government. The labor unions in India are almost identical in temperament and outlook for the U.S. unions were over 100 years ago .
When CNBC promotes a small cap company during trading hours do they do their homework on the company?0maddi please help asap2012-09-18 08:09:04
to ensure it is a legitimate business that exists and not some kind of scam ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus because I found an action based on one of his programs Taht promoted "green" and has been declining . .. however, have a good business model for the entire time that the company is legitimate then tehre should be no problem ...
How do I start a fair trade Business/ company?0Overdue2012-09-06 15:19:13
Economic importance and I am an aspiring entrepreneur . I have my own small business , but now I would like to help local artist in my contry with their products . How to approach them, saying that I would like to start a fair trade business with them ? I will sell your product to an international market , get less than 50 % of income MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I start with a single artist or should I buy things for my car and then sell them to see how it goes ? What if you do not sell anything , because I will list them on eBay .
Korean jewelry, free agents, small wholesale, shipping agent! ~ Easy ~0This is for MattsRiceBowl2012-10-23 10:43:03
Korean Jewelry, free agents, small wholesale, shipping agent! ~ ~ Name Easy roject "Yeskom distribution networks" risk free store, chain store distribution ain Featuresfranchisee can develop your own dealer 1 the place of purchase, has joined the business training is the development of its franchises , wholesalers and agents to establish their own distribution network, completely independent operation. 2, each franchisee to develop a franchise, you can get 1,000 yuan Choice Award, it is recommended to recover the cost of investment franchisee three. 3, to incorporate the development of wholesalers, distributors, retail margins of profit. 4, to join its retail business, have their own significant retail profits. 5, the franchisee can take over the company after the purchase of land, but also sell their products, has space for your own development. Description roject "Yeskom distribution networks," At present, sales of women's accessories. According to the CNNIC survey report released C2C: C2C to consumers to purchase goods online shopping categories are clothing, cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, computers, mobile phones, home appliances and electronic cards / Fashion Virtual Currency and IT products are dominant. According to the Chinese authorities in the investigation of female jewelry market in China, the world's four major fashion capitals and in Tokyo, Hong Kong and other cities in the trading volume of nearly 1,000 jewelry million. Consumer demand for jewelry in China mainland population of over 1.28 billion, with a clear demand for jewelry women age 8 -55 years old, about 5 million people, this huge consumer groups, the thousands consumers of millions of dollars yearly demand. Our reseller program and can not promise easy access to huge profits, but they are a practical solution online store, our products meet consumer trends, and through a combination of marketing methods online and offline to develop new markets. While some traders are willing to devote time and energy to operate, can be profitable at all, as to the amount of benefits, you have to see everyone's efforts and intelligence. "Diligence and abandoned at stake."
How to name a small trading company ?1Aly2012-10-21 22:06:02
I want to start my own business . I want to set up a small trading company . Mainly deal with foot wear t -shirt sports wear and MP3 and Mp4 player . I will import these products from China Then sel it in the USA market .I thought at the begaining . We mainly accept small orders . So please give me your suggestion ,about how to name such a company . Thanks
2007 East China Fair | Shanghai China Fair | The 17th East China Import and Export Fair [recommend]1Darcie2012-02-01 02:32:59
2007 East China Fair | China Shanghai Fair | The 17th East China Import and Export Fair 2007 East China Fair | Fair Shanghai, China | The 17th East China Import and Export Fair Exhibition, Shanghai , China Fair, China Fair 2007, the East China Fair 2007 Shanghai, Shanghai China 2007 Exhibition of the 17th East China Fair - 2007 Shanghai The 17th East China Fair will be held 01 March 2007 to 6 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Exhibition area of ​​103,500 meters square, more than 5,000 standard jobs, textiles and clothing remains light machine displays. China Imports and Export Fair Trade in general, also arranged for processing trade and joint ventures and cooperative economic and trade negotiations. East China Fair 2007 Stand gifts and toys available 18 square meters, exhibitors want to contact the registry as soon as possible! East China Fair (ECF) is the largest and most traders, which radiates more widely highest turnover in the case of regional trade. For the municipality of Shanghai, Jiangsu province, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong Province, Nanjing, Ningbo City, organized by nine provinces. March 1 of each year in Shanghai. Since 1991, China Fair has successfully held 16 sessions. The 16th East China Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the exhibition area of ​​103,500 meters square, a 5346 standard cab, sub-4 professional areas (clothing, home textiles, gifts, decoration, exposure consumer products), more than 3540 exhibitors. Foreign exhibitors were from the United States, Great Britain, France, Japan and 17 other countries and regions. Of 142 countries and territories around the world to more than 23,700 merchants and 10 million domestic customers professional negotiations, export volume reached 3.321 billion U.S. dollars. ______________________________________________________ China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation Shanghai Office Contact: MaggieTel :021-29125918 Email: [email protected]: [email protected] QQ: 200576089 Website: http://www.expoabroad.com
University graduates to work in a small company doing1Howa2012-05-10 00:47:50
I am a university student in practice , we would ask the following , just started a small business, if you do, right? Some people say that we must find the future development of large firms have practices , but now working hard to find, if the first university in the small business to students who graduate , we want
Does this sound like a workable plot for a novel?0decatur2012-09-28 15:06:04
So my idea for a plot is pretty rare, but I do not know if it would work very well. What do you think? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The story is set in the very near future. The oil crisis and turbulent wars in the Middle East, which combined with the global policy change and population growth, has resulted in financial and social crisis. The UK government and others around the world, basically have disappeared or gone underground and UK citizens are left to "get on with it." The government still transmits messages to maintain morale, but most people have recognized that the government no longer controls the country. Gangs and violence are rife and a new evil is spreading. Driven by the need for labor and the lack of a strong economy and wages, slavery has become a common market. Slavers band cities and towns and send their products to Africa, where he has been an established lucrative slave market (this is ironic because the slave trade 17th/18th century left Africa, things have changed so to speak). This is basically the background. MedlinePlus But the plot would involve a teenager kidnapped and separated from his family. He is led through Europe and Africa. Obviously there will be a love interest and all the cliché elements of a story. The main character is trying to return to his family, while saving the girl who falls etc. However, I do want to include it Stockholm syndrome, as captives, perhaps the protagonists love interest, I want to go his captors and develop feelings for them. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how does the story sound shell? Obviously I will work on the details and characterization, but as a basis and background information work? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Do you think this is a good plot for my sci fi story?2kevin Chen2012-09-25 23:20:03
I have an idea for a story, but I do not know if it is good . Anyway, Dead Space tells the story of a teenager who receives a mysterious text message on his cell phone telling him to get to the train station at 6 pm. going to the train station and board the train . What he does not know is that he has been recruited by the ( IGTF ) International Federation of Trade Galatian a team of space organization . He becomes one of the pilots and begins to fly his own star cruiser .
The plot problem in Flash1Renee2012-05-02 19:41:41
I'm learning flash all the time recently, he understood now critical few, but the graphics in the book also does not rely nearly as from the bottom do not know how to learn, if you will, photo studio excuse me, is to be use the drawing software special flash image still studying ? Flash said that technically is how the book to draw? How to solve this problem? Give some of the proposal please , thanks!

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