Family environment protection and energy

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To give you material, I have written. To date , a variety of environmentally friendly energy policies and measures have been familiar with the development trend of civilized life , however , we know their true understanding of it ? Our daily work and life is really doing it? Is not the time to listen or concentrate , after speaking of happy , I do not mind doing it ? Saving energy is our chanting and more can be achieved , it is true that we have to improve in real life , practice of everything around me began to start. Like all families , social development and human progress plays an irreplaceable role in promoting social development of our pillars of the main force. Therefore, we must improve the overall quality of the family , understanding the practical importance of environmental protection and energy conservation an important role in the organization of each family member , held firmly together, from the beginning to understand all aspects of life, to improve the energy saving theme of the letter . To promote energy conservation , we must first understand our daily lives to reduce energy consumption in the end, where ? Pollution, where? Of the major problems and improve the efficiency of energy savings. Then social pollution and pollution at the end of the family that is more serious? Recent studies indicate that : social industrial sources of pollution Forty percent of a single account of pollution of the modern family fifty-nine %. Compared with the community , although the family is a cell of society and harmful levels of pollution , the family is relatively the most serious cases have been detected hundreds of species of toxic and hazardous substances , there are ten more common.
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