Is it possible to open NRE Demat and PIS account for trading account with two bank such as HDFC and ICICI bank? related questions

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Is it possible to open NRE Demat and PIS account for trading account with two bank such as HDFC and ICICI bank?0celina2012-08-26 00:45:02
Is it possible to open NRE Demat account and trading account PIS by two banks like HDFC and ICICI bank?
Is it possible to open NRE Demat and trading account with two bank such as HDFC and ICICI bank ?0chetna2012-09-16 15:40:03
Is it possible to open NRE Demat and trading account with two bank like HDFC and ICICI bank ?
Want to send or transfer money from SBI,ICICI,HDFC BANK Account to Liberty Reserve Account?1Regina2015-07-29 22:17:51
Hi I had just opened a Liberty reserve account and i want to use for trading purpose using that account. Now I am an Indian and i am a customer of SBI,ICICI,HDFC bank account. I want to send money(INR) from either SBI,ICICI,HDFC bank account to my Liberty Reserve account in $USD to be transfered. Please Tell me how can I do that. I looked up many answers and all are telling to use an Exchanger. Is it possible?? Please provide me full procedure to do that. Dont just tell to contact a Exchanger or to contact banks.. Provide full procedure on how to contact an exchanger and how to send money to LR account. And the same vice versa sending money from LR to SBI,HDFC,ICICI Account. Also i want to know will be the approx. days for sending and receiving money through exchangers. I would love the vote you people who are providing me the perfect answers.
I have demat account with OBC bank. Can I have another demat account with icici with trading account?0Alexsa2012-07-28 16:00:02
Apart from ICICI Bank who else offers a demat account with online trading facilty for NRIs? Please advise?0theGuy2012-08-23 20:37:03
I am an NRI and would like to do online trading . ICICI offers online trading , demat account - but wanted to know if there are other service providers that account demat and online trading .
I want to open DEMAT account for online shares trading.Which bank demat A/c will be best? I think SBI best?>?0AM2012-10-14 10:09:49
What documents should I bring to open Demat account ? Will test adress is the document necessary? ( I am staying at remote location where demat near a facility / c not there.I am going to Hyderabad for some construction and will open a c / well) . So please suggest .
I want to open a trading + demat account.I want to know with which bank is better for me?0reef2012-10-25 22:24:12
if I open the account with ICICI or SBI or sharekhan ? I also heard that ICICI brokerage commissions are quite high !
Which is the best bank to open demat account for stock exchange trading in india?1soasi piutau2012-09-26 20:04:03
Where I can learn the basics of trading and that the bank is preferable to open Demat account
I have opened a saving account, demat account and trading account in axis i have to purchase shares ?0Takada2012-07-09 16:28:01
give me complete procedure of working of all three account with suitable example? please and tell how to trade online ? i am new and zero to these ?give me suitable example?
I have demat account in it necessary to open trading account in geojit or different bank?6lisaa2012-08-20 18:49:02
What is the procedure to open a demat account in axis bank .?0tte2012-10-21 07:19:27
im already taking a salary a / c in axis bank . how much to open the account deamt .. I'm interested in stock trading to improve in the need to open a c .. i / need the details of the cost of opening a / c ..
I have internet banking account with SBI. I want to open a Demat Account for trading. Should I go for ICICI?0Shivangi2012-09-17 14:08:05
Which bank ( SBI or ICICI ) is the best service provider for demat / online trading etc.

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