10B5-1 plan for insider trading??? Has anyone opened this type of account, or hold securities in this type of related questions

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10B5-1 plan for insider trading??? Has anyone opened this type of account, or hold securities in this type of0haha2012-08-26 00:11:02
I 'm a financial adviser and I'm looking to open a 10-5 -1 plan for a corporation. From my understanding , an insider must file a 144 with the SEC and also a 13D if you have more than 5 % of the shares . The plan 10b5 -1 allows corporate insiders to trade freely there values ​​. How much stock can be put into this account ? Can shoot actions in this account ? How many shares can be traded without filing with the SEC , or you have to file a 144 anyway ? If they can trade freely there company shares obviously not definitive , how knowing how the SEC does not regulate actions within the plan? I'm looking for someone who has experience in this type of plan to respond . My department told me that compliance with the
What type of one trading account do I need?0Carese2012-07-20 12:20:02
I need to know what type of account to create. A colleague suggested I open an escrow account , but minor and I have 23 years of age. Is this a form of cheating investors of another investor ? I need an account type that allow the owner of the assets or shares to be delivered to an investor management or daytrader to administer the fund without the decision to withdraw the money. What type of account do not call ?
Excuse me how Where is the type of the type instead picture the file? Want detailed place!0Cher2012-09-30 16:11:01
Thanks to your help , I am very appreciated!
What type of account is best for trading options?1Hemlock Middle School2012-10-05 16:53:02
I have been paper trading my system for over a year and now want to use real money. Should I trade out of a 401k or a Roth Ira? I don't want the IRS breathing down my neck so trying to get educated before I jump in. What is better?
What is the best type of account to sign up for if i want to sart day trading?1marg2012-08-25 23:00:03
Ameritrade has four of them : cash, and the option , in cash and margin , cash and margin option .. Also, for more details on my question , is $ 2000, even enough to start any kind of benefit in day trading ? And you are signing up for newsletters all over the internet that promise you the best, councils 'top secret' about the potential reserves of a hoax?
Which eTrade account type is best for a small time day-trading investor?1hinanit2012-08-02 00:57:53
I would like to start day trading small trades through eTrade.com--which account type is best for me, being a small time investor?
Fujitsu S5600 wide-angle camera can hold it? How to load? Wide-angle type, price?1rose -psydag2012-06-30 05:40:02
Fujitsu S5600 can support wide-angle camera ? How to load ? Wide-angle type, price ?
Clubpenguin account for any other type of account on anything?0melynda2012-09-16 11:13:05
clubpenguin account is not a member, but it is 690 days old email me [email protected] MedlinePlus please indicate which account website ( example : webkinz , clubpenguin , anywhere like that) I'll be happy to change a webkinz clubpenguin or anything else MedlinePlus i will tell the user name and password if I like your offer * This account is real and I dont lie * I have one more , but I want to change it to a member of a MedlinePlus when email u please say if you want the 690 days before or the other, the other has some unlocked items such as rabbit , penguin band jacket black , cloud shoes , and a light and dark blue jacket .
Insider trading provides the information needed for the securities markets to operate fairly and efficiently?0Crazyz2012-10-05 19:23:16
True or False ?
I have opened a saving account, demat account and trading account in axis bank.now i have to purchase shares ?0Takada2012-07-09 16:28:01
give me complete procedure of working of all three account with suitable example? please and tell how to trade online ? i am new and zero to these ?give me suitable example?
How to select trading type ? (either day or delivery)?0Chinedu2012-10-21 14:25:45
I am new to trading.I 'm thinking of buying some shares , but before that I have to make sure I do only make trade and trading.But delivery day while placing an order no place can specify the day or delivery. is all intraday margin trading is all trade -carry cash - in is delivery ?
How type of commodity trading in India?0KMTRENd2012-10-26 00:58:09
What type of commodity trading in India ?

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