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Does it worry you about Greece's rapid financial collapse?3Jazzy shizzle2015-08-18 02:03:25
I do not know about you , but I " m very concerned about Greece's economy crashing down I read this morning that the gas and electricity companies planning an emergency meeting next week to see if there are ways in which countries can keep profits do not have enough money to pay creditors . too read the prison system does not have enough money to provide food for inmates and food shortages are going to get worse for the world's citizens everyone.We are sitting and watching this crisis in our Internet and TV news services , what bothers me is when I try to discuss this topic with others are a little crazy and lace " , so long as they are not here in this country . " But it's not just them last week Wall Street began to get nervous and fell trade figures is affecting us and if the Euro crashes that will certainly affect the U.S. we are still recovering. 're Going to want what best for Greece and Europe and hope to withstand the difficult days ahead .
The collapse of the financial markets?0bruni2012-09-23 12:45:02
Does anyone think that while Tony Blair and G.Bush where fooftops on terrorrisim screams . All the time these monsters called to our way of life , where quietly undermining and infiltraiting global financial trade . They had great friends in Saudi e.t.c. And Tony and George had us all looking the other way.It was not hard to make us all panic
Find the financial statements for a publicly traded company, and examine its financial statements?0Kayela2012-08-14 09:38:03
Find the financial statements of a publicly traded company , and examine its financial statements from the perspective of a potential investor . Find or prepare the price / earnings, dividends , the dividend yield , book value and earnings per share , and identify whether you consider this company a good investment, with regard to their personal investment goals . Explain why you / do not invest in this company
Signs of a US collapse but with more war on the way ?1Straight A Student2012-10-15 11:04:02
Alarm bells sound for U.S. MedlinePlus poverty rate Tue , 07 Oct 2008 17:55:38 GMT MedlinePlus Many of them live in poverty in the U.S. . MedlinePlus Most U.S. mayors and city leaders say poverty is a growing problem in cities, with many families unable to cope, says study . MedlinePlus
Did Al Qaeda know that the WTC would collapse?1hannah morrison2012-10-07 02:20:02
I know some people may think that this question is stupid , but I have curiosity. Known to Al Qaeda to crash planes into the World Trade Center towers fall , or was it just a "bonus " for them ?
Is the economy about to completely collapse?0Jacqulynn2012-08-19 07:27:02
When gas prices rose to $ 145, a fraction of U.S. consumer could no longer pay their mortgages . Mortgage companies collapsed , then commercial finance companies who bought commodities and caused the price of oil to go to $ 145 failed ( remember Goldman calling for $ 200 oil? ) , Now in the rescue of companies financial holding that caused the collapse , increasing the country 's debt (still in reasonable range ) , and now that the dollar is falling and people are buying new oil. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Products should not be going up to $ 130 levels when the global economy collapses from 1 punch. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Take these idiots investment funds and slam down why we still have a chance. The government should come in and make these stupid btrds on a steak . They have no idea how to invest and it will completely ruin our economy and themselves again . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone else agree?
One year after near complete collapse what has changed?1Imran2012-08-27 15:24:02
Dollar collapse will bring jobs home?0tena2012-10-10 20:02:58
Do you think that imports suddenly become much more expensive due to the collapse of our ( U.S. ) cash and the world's unwillingness to provide U.S. more money ( to finance the national debt ) , the result is invigorating our manufacturing and service industries ? < Br > MedlinePlus Important works as a mule - livestock ( for agriculture ) and farm workers , Iceman ( when cap and trade eliminates electricity ) , driver of the train when everyone has to use public transport because nobody can afford to gasoline , and of course bread line monitor because large crowds require security personnel . And do not forget the guards . The growth of the prison industry has a very bright future .
Obama 4 more years - Economy: Recovery or Collapse?1mv2012-10-25 21:34:02
I think collapse. The way the government has rigged the measure of unemployment, it is possible for the US to have a 20%+ rate of unemployment and 25+ million unemployed. A few people, particularly in and around the financial system, have become too powerful. They were allowed to take many risks, and they did massive damage to the economy - more than 8 million jobs lost. We
Buying Tangible Assets for the Dollar Collapse?1Aliya2012-08-24 02:23:22
What are some good assets should be looking to buy now, for trade after the collapse of dollars. I am looking for the following criteria 1) You must maintain its value by at least a few years (or 30 + months) 2) It is a great opportunity to demand the item ( s ) will be great when depression comes full circle 3) The storage is easy. The diapers are very good and it will be necessary for mothers of babies, but very difficult to store. I am looking for products that are small for the value they have. Silver , of course, is very easy, where oil is very difficult Thank you all for your help :) --------------------------------------
Did the banking sector learn nothing from the Lehman Brothers collapse?2Dacar2012-11-05 14:13:02
A trader of 31 years old , named Kweku Adoboli of UBS , was arrested in the early hours of this morning by trading loss of $ 2 billion (
Will the World even notice if USA, UK and Japan collapse in the next couple of years?0mlb2012-09-28 23:52:02
Not to the people in New York know , London and Tokyo are the major financial centers worldwide , almost all international business currently flows through one of these cities . They are basically responsible for the World today. The BRIC nations have begun to try to push the trade away from these places . How successful have they been? What if these financial centers gone ?

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