What depicts currency rates?

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I wondered , in developing countries the exchange rates of foreign currencies are changing with the economy and GDP . but generally the U.S. dollar rate remains the same . I know the main reason behind the dollar is trading stable . but why some coins are very high priced , although not well developed ? or coins are very low even though nominal been developed ? for example. Franco is very undervalued . Sri Lanka , India , Pakistan , Thailand are the countries that I can think of right now that Bolivar is the currency . I was a graphic Pakistani currency rates and have read that Kuwait Dinar in Pakistan Rupee was very expensive and the Japanese yen is very cheap . his confusion , it really represents the exchange rate ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS . I'm not a student. I graduated a long time , I am asking it to clarify my economic concepts , which is no small task . so a real help would be appreciated . thanks :)

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