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I Cant Choose A Horse! I love my first horse, I cant do it!?0t.o2012-08-25 11:37:18
I have a horse Paint (Lexus) I do everything around (English and Western Pleasure riding, road riding, jumping, ect.) MedlinePlus I bought it because my old coach did not know what he was doing, and the old coach thought it was great. She was really horrible, many mental scars and all previous owners, and did illegal things with it. She has broken her arm 2 times. We started getting better and increasingly attactched. She was doing very well, and even won a world championship in the World Pinto! I love her. However, she is amazing now, but there will always be hyper, and unfortunately, will never be able to do it is Western, not built to jog and lope and stuff .... MedlinePlus English-wise but absoloutley beautiful MedlinePlus The only thing about it is security. She is a little creepy .... but sometimes it is calm absoloutley everything! My mom thinks it's a safety issue and is upset with the amount of energy you have. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My coach found a horse for me having to do this all over disiplines.He is broken and everything. Do you have English and Western. And maybe 6 times the Lexus. The owners of this horse wants Lexus cause they want to jump and hunter jumper that about everything we're doing. They want to negotiate. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where I live, there is like no room for horses. In that barn, pasture and there is huge. They let him in the grass, and finally race with a very famous horse they own, and I think she would be personally happier doing more active things. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want to let her go! I love her so much! MedlinePlus But at the same time, I think it would be great for her to go to the open spaces of Texas and get to jump and have a baby. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, I like to jump, and I can not do Lexus lead changes and still likes to do his thing ... and I do not know if the other horse jumps! It makes more likey though. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I really dont know what to do! I do not want to let her go, but I .... I would like this horse broke. I almost want to move perhaps hunter / jumper with lexus ... but I feel like betraying all the money my mother to do for this and my friends I have in the barn .. but that's an option I've been thinking more deepley. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know if I should get the new horse. I am so attached to my Lexus ..
What Do You Think Of This Horse?1♫♫Colton♫♫2012-09-03 07:58:02
Horse help please!??1Kacey2012-09-06 12:37:03
Okay so , you know that I have a pony MedlinePlus I'm trying to convince my dad to let me trade it for a 15 hh , then I'll sell some of my stuff for lessons in it MedlinePlus How I can talk to him in it , I tried to say "is too small for me," but my dad was angry because I had the option to acquire a 16 hh one, but I was terrified of it and the amount of damage that could do when she was angry with me MedlinePlus any help is appreciated x
Horses and horse1Jessie 2012-03-13 20:20:15
Recent always remember these two words, "Bole", "horse", I remember, "said Ma," "The world has the horses, and Maxima. Maxima is common, but horses do not often." Thousands of years have seen this phenomenon, this is the unchanging nature of society. Take the design industry in Wenzhou now for the last few years has been able to recruit a number of units of a good designer, may not necessarily have all levels. However, no horse will not do, is not necessarily good. My words may seem contradictory, but in fact is not contradictory. Can a horse, and overall quality of this there are opportunities for relevant training. Credit crisis in modern society, leading many employers are reluctant to train new people, afraid of change will leave as little of the place. It also makes a lot of young horse without a "horse" before they can be smothered. Fortunately, I have, courtesy of the culture of laughter sister, Cao support appointment, though not on horseback, but no longer is a child of a pony. Some time ago I was speaking, I am rough diamonds in the block, seems to praise, but not in reality. Called Diamonds in the rough, a natural formation, not by cutting a piece of jade. Pu, the former is that deposits of jade stone, jade or cut. If people do not know of events jade jade, etc., so that only stone can not stop wanting to shame ... ... In fact, if this society a little more confidence, more opportunities, there are always surprises. Then he heard the call center industry web resources called what, this is a free information platform company and product information on screen. Most people have heard similar calls then doubt, the sky will not fall cake first thought was inherent in his brain. In fact, you may be a large, complete their own corporate information, released the latest information, it may be more buyers of research, why not take a chance? There are some old friends recently called me to see the Three Kingdoms, the Book of books, in fact, I'm not a love of reading people. Free time, not even read it. Gu Yun: "The reading of the rolls, thousands of people in" observation, although reasonable, but not necessarily do the same. Such as the death of reading, dead reading books, it is best not to read this book. In fact, everyone will always know their horses, and used to accompany this person, man, things are casual. So far I have not met the horses know. Ever had a "world without horses!" Oh! No Ma, whose real bad? The truth is they do not know horses have a sigh.
Should i sell my horse?2crisis2012-09-24 00:52:02
I bought a mare in October , a guy who bought her from said she was well trained , it was fine when I rode her before I bought her . after having her home for a week I got it for the first time and bolted it, i went off course and has really put my trust . i was going to send for training this spring , more to see what she knows . I am a beginner , not confident enough to say intermediate . i takled my instuctor who has never seen what I do , is that they are trained . anyway she suggested that I try to sell them or trade it for an old horse actually been there . I have no problem with selling it , it's just that maybe it was a bad day and it's good for me . Another option is to tow in one day and have my instuctor evaluation before making a decision. please help I can not decide . I also ride only on my property, so I do not have any help when you get home after training .
Going to look at a new horse tomorrow?0kekay2012-10-22 01:16:25
Hi all . I am suffering from a nervous breakdown by going to see a new horse potential. Any advice on what to look for or how to identify hidden problems is appreciated! MedlinePlus I have 20 years of riding experience , but I've only bought a horse before. I've had it for a dozen years and would not trade it for anything . But hindsight is 20/20 . I openly lied about my age girls temperament and level of training. And she must have been drugged when the riding test . I do not want to make the same mistakes again . MedlinePlus I'll look at a QH mare years 13 years who says he is a very nice trail horse , the type of advanced beginner . I want a quiet couple and experienced trail . What questions should I ask and what should I be looking to avoid trouble?
What is genderly Horse Trading?1AKilah2012-08-05 23:54:02
BQ: If horse racing is the sport of kings...........what is the sport of Queens...?
White Horse cigarette1Yvette2012-05-01 20:06:28
Who knows about this sign ? Being together at what price ?
Grulla Horse Name Wanted!!!!?0Andy2012-07-26 17:26:01
Hello , I'm trading my 10 year old gelding by Phoenix gelding 5 years old crane ! he no name yet, and is gray / brown , so I was thinking of Dusty below for registration . name of " Jailhouse Dusty" but I need opinions on this and other names! He record. Parents and the people there the papers! I'm not sure what there names are .... So if you can give me an opinion on the name or the other that would be great! ! Thank you !
My Horse Club Codes Anyone?0Ala2012-10-26 08:22:39
What are some codes Horse Club ? I really need very generous.I some.It would be changed to an account of a club penguin .
My horse sole of the foot is DRY and cracked... What to do?0Prinness 492012-10-15 11:01:50
My horses feet soles are so dry they are cracked , Will this make him lame? Are you in any pain or unrideable ? I 'm going to this today .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.tractorsupply.com/cut-heal-reg-hoof-heal-trade-16-fl-oz--6610049 MedlinePlus Will it help ? I realized yesterday after I finished riding . MedlinePlus Thank you !
Turning someone into a horse registery for fraud??1gaby34342012-10-10 04:38:02
I had a thoroughbred mares changed by two . This lady told me to thinking it's the horse trainer who takes his time with the horses , not to train before their complete development, natural horsemanship ect . The two mares that had arrived had never been touched by people. ( She had family problems and supposedly got stuck with these two by accident and could not afford both, so I traded a horse for me ) hanging on every word this woman had to say. She has some beautiful horses with these two mares and appeared to be well maintained . The only horses that I had received from people who knew and truses . This was my first time with a stranger . Part of our agreement was that I would be informed about the progress of my thoroughbred with it , let me know and the information given to future owners could keep up. I wanted the best for him . ( He was too much for me . ) Was not difficult to set up or anything, just hard HOLD. ( I had leg problems and weight ) This town promised to take him to a healthy weight and have worked professionally leg / vet .................... . no

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