Isn't it time that a positive change became a reality?

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Is not it time America went back to work? Are you tired of being unemployed? So U.S. companies should not create the demand again? From what you say? For people, the labor to rebuild, replace, restore our once great manufacturing industry once again employ the millions of people who need and want to work. Why would they want to change the way business is done by sea? MedlinePlus Because the error in the equation of "get it done cheaper there" is now in its worst form. Now you have all these Chinese junk products made there and brought back here by the tax paid by the former unemployed to buy. Uh oh! It seems that investors burned on that one! MedlinePlus Let's see now ..... Or usefulness of S results in jobs or Chinese junk products being purchased by the tax paid by the former employee. It looks like the sum total of that equation is zero. So American companies put people back to work rebuilding our nation, our own industry, and leave dealing with fair trade works backwards now. Make our country to the nation builds high quality renewable products, reusable, repairable that can be transmitted to future generations. Waste is no longer an option. It is time for the United States begin to make sense of what remains. Make effective use of it is ordered the remaining resources. And one of the greatest resources we have left in this nation is the people. Millions of American businesses to rebuild so that foreign industry may have small part of
. Who in their right mind would not want that products are of a quality that the industry is perpetuated not only in sales of these goods American Made but comfort them in the service sector to provide more lasting years stable employment growth after year. Quality is the word that all Americans should aquaint in the future. Stop waste. Start quality. Is not it time for a positive change in the United States became a reality? The atmosphere of this change is now. The time for this change is now. The need for this change is now! And it's not pocket change is happening now govt.
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Shut up , anarchy rules .
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