What all trades do you think will be made in the 2008-2009 season???Any rumors of future trades???? related questions

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What all trades do you think will be made in the 2008-2009 season???Any rumors of future trades????1Flora2012-10-09 15:27:01
What do you think all businesses will be in the 2008-2009 season ? ? ? Rumors of future negotiations ? ? ? ?
Question is related to Stock Trades that I made in the year 2008 and filling my Tax Return?0tamara2012-08-03 02:50:03
I have not gained or loss substantial amount of money, however, I have made over 100 Trades in the year 2008. If I show all the trades for the year, 2008, I would have to pay about 5000$ worth of money in Tax. Since I have not actually gained any money through those trades, this is a big loss for me. How Do I actually show in my Tax Return so that I do not owe that money to govt.
With all these trades and rumors going around, which NBA player is immune to the trading system?3Aleeyha2012-09-21 18:15:03
I have to say Kobe Bryant .. the basketball world would be furious if he left the Lakers.
WARRIORS FUTURE 2009 season of basketball in the nba?0My Name Is Bob2012-09-14 22:16:03
Stephen Curry Will start from the beginning? MedlinePlus Anymore traded down? MedlinePlus Who can we sign? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As I see it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Home : MedlinePlus Stephen Curry MedlinePlus Monta Ellis MedlinePlus Stephen Jackson MedlinePlus Corey Maggette MedlinePlus Andris Beindris
Nba Wow this draft had no trades there better be some in the off season ?0yy2012-07-31 04:40:56
Next NBA season, if Heat trades Wade, who should they try to get for him?0pb2012-09-15 18:07:03
IF , so do not say that Wade commercial usage is only IF
I made a mistake and made two many trades in one day. now I am considered a day trader?1corlina2012-11-04 17:19:02
How I can remove that Labed so I can get my margin account back >>>
What are some possible trades for Real Madrid this trading season?1oretha2012-11-04 17:02:02
I know that four and neymar and is almost certain , but I've also heard rumors about tevez , are there other possible transfers ? thanks
What key trades/signs be for a successful Celtics season?0Delneisha2012-07-24 05:33:05
I mean the big threes contracts are up. Hopefully they can get KG and Truth to sign for one more year but, who do you want to see leaving and coming in? I have been hearing some Hibbert possibilities after the season. I mean, they could pay him since they are losing Allen and O'Neal.
What is the best free option for categorizing my stock trades for schedule d on my 2009 tax returns?0Mike 502012-10-07 14:44:07
I did a series of stock trades in 2009 , I wanted to know if there is a free Excel spreadsheet or some free software that I can connect my purchases and sales that can be transferred to my D Calendar of my tax returns.
Ok ok ok, after this all drafts and trades happening, who's going to the FINALS next season!!!!opinions?3ananya2012-10-02 08:35:04
I think O'Neal to Cavs is not as solid as the Lakers Gasol , Shaq is not as good , if Shaq is still as 7-5 years. does, then maybe Cavs can win a trophy , but Cavs still can not win a trophy with O'Neal . The Cavs GM just made a dam trade and really think about the whole future of the team .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus for me MedlinePlus Finals : Lakers vs. MAGICS MedlinePlus SPURS VS MAGICS MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Superman finally show that its much better than the MedlinePlus Mocker - O'neal MedlinePlus Lakers continue to play if they did this season , then yes MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Spurs , who receive aggressive scorer in R. Jefferson MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Cavs can not win a trophy .
Can NFL teams still be able to make trades during the season AFTER the Oct. 16 trading deadline passes?2SuziQ2012-08-31 08:01:02
To understand my question... I know in Major League Baseball, when their trading deadline passes, teams are still able to make trades but have to go through red tape (example: like clearing waivers or all teams in your division or league must clear the deal too). I was wondering if something similar applies to the NFL in that teams can still trade after October 16, but must go through red tape now in order to pull it off? Or is the trading deadline rule literally rock solid that after it passes, no trades whatsoever?

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