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What is being built in this story?1Comfort Emma2012-08-27 07:09:02
in a town jam jam in a living city of the tribes went missing children come to a meeting in the days of jebus saying that we have a part of the earth and settled there for forty years until they ate dry land and wealth of our parents homeland jebus little knew that he was in town that day and overturned tables and calling people to obey his teachings to women wanted no children due to lost and saved all his works because there are husbands who worked inside and established herds that used all there to negotiate rent near two months , call another town meeting and said how good care of our family is that I say to you that will give your child a snake if he asks for a fish , then asked to give bad jebus trial for all its problems, said this and was told that their help and telling jebus said trumpets should preach these teachings was the woman madly saying things like : why should we share and we have no custom anything involving missing children , said , jam jam is where we will work and be here to give our children our wealth jebus test said I 'm Father in heaven and you go home you wicked generation
An interesting philosophic theory story: The story of the 100th monkey1stinky 2012-05-29 22:26:45
This is a very interesting story. Go up century 50 time is prime, kyoto university spirit grows a multitude of high school science class, the study of monkeys on the island for the province of Qi in the palace of the Japanese a poetic name of China, giving a monkey in a kind of potato that had never eaten. At first, this group of monkeys are found throughout the time to wait and see - you should eat potatoes which were stained with mud. There is a monkey with time later, after washing the yam belt clean the beach, ate. After monkeys see this monkey is made, also try to imitate in succession. Very wonderful, you get monkeys number 100 is being imitated in cleaning, producing a striking change however - the monkey who has never learned to wash the yam, is abrupt from one night, you hear about this kind of almost new, that is, another monkey who does not know how to wash the yam, but did not follow the monkey has learned to get in touch, but we also know that this method really. More surprising is not found between the time the new law to unexpected transoceanic washs yam, pass the Monkey Hill Gao Qi huge there that divide a county, but these two groups of monkeys have no relationship or contact contact completely. Alleged "100 monkeys effect" is to be noted: When the amount of any such behavior to a certain level (critical point) later in regard to the limitation of overtime can be heaven, and distribution area other previous group. For the character organization, wants to reach an agreement with the person of any idea or behavior only, the adherence of certain level, meet, of course, self-identity as a rising wind and clouds get more people faster, the support. Xie Rui England scientific exceeds (and of one of the k r l d mail S r h E R P up) I: reduplicative constant behavior can form a kind of memory, also can not react by knowing how to think. Repeated movement of 100 monkeys, formed a kind "zone of magnetic field", the other monkey had not learned, and this "zone of magnetic field" generation "resonance", and learned these behaviors. the learning point of view of the organization, any new studies or change, should someone who does not fear failure, to try to be brave, jump to become the first the first monkey, someone with talent can still imitated. Moreover, being in the "study group" (g n i r n of a mail-m L T EA) before, you must first "study group" (m of a mailing of T g n i n r of the L ea) will be the first one demonstrative action, extend the period of incidence for new stadium. Then, to an organization wants to have a much, it is agreed, can only reach the critical point and assumed, the effect of the rapid generation transmission. Base of Japan handles the point of view of Mr. Jing Xingxiong Grandmaster boat, have a 7% (turns into the left and right) an employee is accepted, can have a remarkable progress. Of course West also administrative expert someone thinks, which was the procedure that changes the company wants the employee self-identity over 20% only agree with changing leadership courage.
3 floors to be built, how much labor and materials1Cold cold ˉ 2012-06-20 16:11:12
In Kaifeng , home , home of 1,200 square feet , all integrated story you want
Has the world trade centres been re-built?1Jannett2012-09-27 19:37:02
I heard you're building something where the twin towers used to be called the " Freedom Tower " . Has started construction of this ? Or is it's done? Or is it a lie? Thank you.
Why was Russia's railway built in 1900's?1merriam2012-09-25 08:07:02
Which of the following best explains why Russia built a rail line in the early 1900s that connected its western and eastern borders? to move troops quickly from one end of the country to the other to take advantage of the many natural resources found in Siberia to provide the means for Russian nobility to travel across the country to open trade with China, Japan and other countries to the east *im inclined for the second option but im not completely sure
Why do some people say that the emperor built the Forbidden City1Carver2012-03-28 07:34:28
Why do some people say that the emperor built the Forbidden City
Does where of nut of custom-built vitta connect come into stock?1cow2012-04-27 20:42:14
Sorry everyone can perform the connecting nut Vitta, where no doubt
How we can built our own expert advisior (EA) to trade in forex?0hallie2012-08-13 05:36:01
How can we build our own expert advisior (EA ) to trade in Forex ?
How does custom-built treatment prevent to be cheated1antilope2012-05-31 20:04:01
I look for a manufacturer to produce a batch of devices on the network, to avoid being scammed by which means the ability
How is newly-built user account deleted in Windows Xp1.X ° 2012-03-21 18:48:52
How newly built deleted user account in Windows XP
built a leather trading exchange QQ group: 531474440kemp2012-06-28 15:15:02
Built a group of leather trading exchange QQ: 53147444 I wish you all business is booming! ~
Do not know why the folder on the computer was built in MP3 player can not be found! ! ! MP3 support is not it? ? What a solution! !1Jacqueline2012-04-22 06:25:48
MP3 OPPO bought the X17 , do not know why the computer was built in the MP3 folder can not be found ! ! ! MP3 support is not it? ? What a solution! ! He said that the teacher! ! !

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