What is being built in this story?

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Comfort Emma
Asked at 2012-08-24 05:23:04
in a town jam jam in a living city of the tribes went missing children come to a meeting in the days of jebus saying that we have a part of the earth and settled there for forty years until they ate dry land and wealth of our parents homeland jebus little knew that he was in town that day and overturned tables and calling people to obey his teachings to women wanted no children due to lost and saved all his works because there are husbands who worked inside and established herds that used all there to negotiate rent near two months , call another town meeting and said how good care of our family is that I say to you that will give your child a snake if he asks for a fish , then asked to give bad jebus trial for all its problems, said this and was told that their help and telling jebus said trumpets should preach these teachings was the woman madly saying things like : why should we share and we have no custom anything involving missing children , said , jam jam is where we will work and be here to give our children our wealth jebus test said I 'm Father in heaven and you go home you wicked generation
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What the hell are you smoking tonight?
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