Whats the best strategie to use in forex currency trading?

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Asked at 2012-08-23 14:00:02
Currently I'm betting on the long term EURvsUS MedlinePlus but I want to know if u can send me to a page where I can learn more about the resale and other strategies
Answer1AlleyAnswered at 2012-10-13 20:45:40
Some time ago I read a transcript of a meeting of the board of a major Wall Street financial powers . One thing I noticed was that someone raised a question about the income of their Forex trading . The concern was that the entire division was a gamble with the money of shareholders and presented an unnecessary risk and uncertainty . Many other very respectable participants confirmed that Forex trading in general , can not , in theory ( regardless of strategy ) bring sustainable benefits in the long run unless you have a broker who is paid a commission for each transaction or market maker the size of a central bank that has enough mullah to manipulate prices . This was spoken as a universally accepted truth . Read the transcript again, it turned out that the forex trading in that company was basically a brokerage where institutional clients made ‚Äč‚Äčtrade with their own money and simply pay access fees and charges without putting the company at risk .
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