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How to apply for international long-distance IP Agent? There are several major carriers? Which is better? International long-distance IP can set up their own local stations it?1Legion of Us 2012-05-28 01:23:06
How to apply for international long distance IP Agent ? There are several large companies? Which is better ? International long distance IP can create their own local stations ?
Looking for an international agent2Retain ã‚ž "This forging clear" ã„Ÿ 2011-12-22 05:00:25
Hi all, This is Sally from China, I am dealing with an intelligent system that sprit is the control of production of garments using data management.We are expanding our business and we are looking Internatioal an agent, if you want to discuss more details , please send an email to [email protected] ; [email protected] , thanks. In addition , I invite you to come to CISMA 2011 CHINA INTERNATIONAL SHOW PROCESSORIES sewing on September 27 and visit our stand. If anyone is interested , please contact ASAP. Best Regards output
Ask Giridharan a Question:how can I find our sole agent in the international market ?3y0))))))))))))) i'm juz ChiLLiN' 2012-03-10 02:56:42
We are the only automaker anti -collision product , you can brake and sounded the alarm , once high-speed emergency and fagitue driver. As the market Develoment , we find the only agent in the world, but research is small.I Alibaba not know how to deal with it , can you help me ? thanks
International Business English: Introduction to business customers and to contact my agent0 the invisible. -2012-07-20 18:18:01
International Business English : Introduction to business and to contact my agent
Function without international calling card base can make international calls using 179511hyena, hyaena2012-02-29 19:27:31
My home phone does not open to international long distance , function, you can use the 17951 and the like to make international long distance IP card ?
The second session of the International Toy Fair in Yangzhou in the Five Pavilion Long opened the International Toys and Gifts0Anthropian2012-06-29 17:53:02
The second session of the International Toy Fair in Yangzhou in the Dragon Pavilion five international toys and gifts to open the second session of China's stand Yangzhou International Toy Fair at the opening of five long tail and Exhibition International Toy Gift Date: May 18, 2007 - 5 20 N º Location: Long Qing Pavilion International Toys and Gifts Exhibition description: Toys and Gifts for the prosperity of the market, to strengthen trade between toy manufacturers, toys and gifts Yangzhou International five Dragon Pavilion in the city of Yangzhou, March fireworks festival held in the Economic and Tourism Yangzhou Second China International Toy Fair, invited all the toy and gift manufacturers and agents attend! ! ! Scope of Exhibits: toys, baby items, furniture items, office supplies, stationery and accessories, toys stuffed toys, preschool toys, wooden toys, electronic toys, electronic toys, inflatable toys, toys, ceramics, plastic toys, intelligent toys, cartoon toys, toys, models, tools, military, cultural and educational, stroller, crib, toys, science and technological innovation. Gifts: electronic gifts, holiday gifts holiday, traditional crafts, gifts, glass, stone, ceramic art gifts, gifts to home accessories, gifts, glass metal gifts, artificial flowers, fruit, gifts, gifts tree resin crafts, gifts of technology luxurious fabric, wood, straw craft gifts, embroidery, engraving gifts, jewelry, hair ornaments, necklaces, gift bag leather gift box, photo album, gifts under the photo. Accessories, accessories toys, gift accessories, plush accessories, stationery and accessories. Exhibitions to promote: 1, through the central, provincial and municipal around television, newspaper and magazine advertising and promotion. 2, 3 websites for information related to the exhibition will display the information by email, cell phone information to the total mass of 4, related to the program at home and abroad to promote 5 key areas of officials will be held from 6 to promote the exhibition, printed invitations distributed free of charge from 7 to professional buyers home and abroad, held several press conferences, the media informed about important events and highlights of the series 8, the Commission invited the Brothers National Association (Association) professional organizations have visited Address: Way of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 828 Postal Code: 225008 Web: www.inttoys.com Tel: 8008288889 Fax : 0514 -76,349,997,639,699 0514-76396887634699 Contact: Ms. Ma
What's the significance of international shipping industry to international economy and trade?0Baslilon2012-11-03 09:21:01
Do any one know how to maintain international trade? Do I need international banking for my funds overseas?0Amal2012-07-29 17:06:57
Business import and export items for retailers and other wholesalers. Need to know if internaional banking and accounting is needed. If so who is more affordable.
What's the significance of international shipping industry to international economy and trade?0anjana2012-09-20 23:04:02
What is the importance of the international shipping industry for the economy and international trade ?
What's the significance of international shipping industry to international economy and trade?0elcapitain2012-08-06 06:02:46
I really need your professional opinions on this subject. Please discuss this at least 1000 words. Thank you very much !
How is international trade affected by international agreements and treaties?0ashish2012-08-21 03:21:26
Need help, thanks .
College Department: Is International Trade and International business the same?0cathyj2012-10-14 08:51:33
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A university claims to offer the international trade department of the college of business MedlinePlus another university said to offer the internal affairs department of the college of your business . MedlinePlus Are both the same only with a different name ? MedlinePlus What is the difference ? MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus 10 POINTS

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