Hand embroidery, gift as a gift

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Hand embroidery , delicate gift as a gift for Chinese New Year gift both hands! Our main business in hand embroidery is based on four famous embroidery with the principles of Western painting of optics and color science , the development of a new type of embroidery. It is typical of handmade works of art, with its unique technique of expression , showing a rich effect , artistic and silky. It features colorful , three-dimensional sense. Intense and real, like painting or photography, there are some effects of the appreciation of art and the value of the collection. OUR embroidery hand embroidery of different specifications can be customized according to customer contributions of the sample , the price is worth the money. We welcome everyone to visit our extensive cooperation. Tel: 13488813329 Contact: Mr. Xu Bedford map. Jpg (0 Bytes) Downloads: 02 007 -1 to 4 fifty-six past one p.m.
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Oh , very well
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