I bought the v3 can not access the Bluetooth is not gray oh do not know? related questions

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I bought the v3 can not access the Bluetooth is not gray oh do not know?0 the invisible. -2012-08-22 21:29:22
Nokia 6230i how to access your PC via Bluetooth2shining_star0072012-11-02 00:55:02
Viable solution? Talk about specific measures, and the other to say it's a kind of payment.
Bluetooth headset phone access PIN forgotten. How to do?1J.M.2012-07-21 22:47:02
I have a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset, the Nokia 8910 in the top before too, is normal, but can not remember when was the need for access to PIN, or set the PIN, I recently bought a Motorola E1 mobile phone models, the access PIN is required , the error was unable to connect, please solve the master! !
Nokia 5300 today just bought a good, ask for advice Bluetooth problem Thank you ~0Narva2012-10-22 09:48:24
Today I just bought a nice 5300. You can see the official said stereo Bluetooth , you can use Bluetooth to stream MP3 music phone ? No one can fail to notice how I fixed ah ~ ~ ~ I know my friends can point me hehe ~
How the Internet phone? Protocols and access methods? There is no direct access to WWW without WAP method?1short_lil_glam_gurl 2012-03-24 06:02:19
Internet telephony What? Protocols and access methods ? No direct access to the WWW, WAP without method ?
I can access the server, the client can not access, but the LAN is through, and ask for advice1Eartha2012-02-23 06:25:12
Multimedia reading units . A server , 40 clients. Installed WINXP system server , the client is 98 . Have you been using XP comes with Internet access through proxy server functionality . Today , however , problems. Access to the Internet server , the client can not get on the network. However, the client can pass the Ping Server , which is through the LAN. Problems soon, because no one moves through the server , I can not imagine why. Please experts help solve it.
How do I find african gray egg?1Edwar2011-12-31 00:36:35
How I can find African gray eggs ?
I bought the Sony Ericsson K700C phone bought without a data cable, where does that accompany that1m1ng / 陌㈤2012-04-27 01:35:29
I bought the Sony Ericsson K700i buy without a data cable , where does that go with
I bought a house, a total of six, I bought the fifth floor of the East West family unit.1Bill2011-12-29 19:21:09
Sanshiliangting , old units , three bedrooms Sun Chaoyang storage room , 20 square meters of multi-point , 14 wide and 2 meters long and 7 meters or more, will be used as a garage ? Please evaluate the pros and cons of the house.
How long coat with dark gray1Nicola2012-01-08 06:14:58
How long dark gray coat with
Im told Im stuck in the Gray-Area of Canadian Laws for Citizenship?0Logan and Lydia2012-08-05 07:07:02
This is my story: I've lived here since 2002. Most of my family is Canadian and lives in Canada. My mother is a holder of Native card status and her mother (my grandmother) is also from Canada, through having been born here, although my mother was born in the U.S. I was brought here as a child in my state card indigenous mothers to continue my studies and live near our family. I've had no problems living here or go to school until he had reached the age of 18, and was considered an adult. Since then I have called numerous Immigration officers in person and talk to representatives of Service Canada, Indian Affairs, etc.. Nobody seems to know what application I need or if one is available to a person in my situation. He said an immigration officer, by telephone, he had every right to be here for my mother and my grandmother and there was nothing but confusion with the native rights of the holders of the card status. Therefore, I had completed and returned the request for "proof of citizenship," as he suggested, and was denied. unfortunately, no refund of your error. Additionally, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada, they fall outside of skilled workers, workers in trade, business or sponsorship Family class. My family lives here, but I have no one with financial resources to sponsor me and my two children. In turn, I can not apply for Canadian citizenship, because I never had a permanent residence card. I searched for any Visa help cope, until further notice or until changes were made to the applications available today, but I found none available for my situation I recently spent 3 hours with a lady in the office of Service Canada, which also called for an immigration officer in my name, know what I needed. He suggested that I try to complete an application for permanent residence in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. After my own research on this, I realized that this application is for people who would suffer undue hardship if returned to their country of origin. Which, when I did not think had applied to me. After a failed attempt to resolve my situation with Service Canada, I went to my local MP (Member of Parliament) the office, Bruce Stanton, Barrie, Ontario. After describing my situation to them, got in touch with your immigration "contact" to find out what possible route was able to take to resolve my situation here in Canada. He also told me my only option would be to try for permanent residence on humanitarian considerations, this is because there is no other application available to me? The only problem with this is that it may take up to two years for a response on the approval of permanent residency / citizenship and is very expensive, if this is the correct application request. I am now 22 years old, single mother of two children, one is Canadian. I've been told I'm stuck in the gray area of ​​the Laws Candadian .. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this??? * To simplify this message .... My mother brought me here under his home state card as a child .. I grew up here and went to school here, no problems until 18 years ... Now I have 22 and still have yet to find a proper application for me. I have completed and returned the applications that immigration officials had suggested to me, but it was wrong .. And no one is sure what application or the path you should take to be here in this country .. I need some kind of been here, but am unable to find an application for a state of here ...
Paint brush the surface before it is best to shovel out? Turned gray wall0I ana2012-06-23 10:15:02
Before the developers have painted the gray walls of the wall, but listen to a residential property management is best to paddle to paint the surface of the latex paint, or otherwise easily from the shell ( the bubble .) Renewal of people want to say, because it is a gray wall , you can not gray walls , shovel against the wall directly into the gray matter. However, the blade and then the wall , effort and money, wanted to know, do not need a shovel, not prone to any problems spade , a shovel , then what can solve the problem. Kazakhstan Prawns problems you see, the answer would be a plus Good

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