What were Bush's successes and failures during his presidency? related questions

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What were Bush's successes and failures during his presidency?2Linda2012-09-01 08:32:03
Do you agree with this list? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Its success MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Global Warming as a myth disputed. There is no scientific proof. MedlinePlus U.S. never joined Kyoto treaty. MedlinePlus - Enhanced interrogation of terrorists. Using secret MedlinePlus prisons for dangerous terrorists. MedlinePlus - The rebuilding of presidential authority, badly degraded MedlinePlus in the era of Vietnam, Watergate, and Bill Clinton. MedlinePlus - Support for Israel. Bush was the best friend of Israel MedlinePlus White House. MedlinePlus - No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the education reform MedlinePlus bill forcing teachers do a good job. MedlinePlus - The U.S. foreign policy focuses on promoting democracy MedlinePlus - Medicare prescription drug benefit. MedlinePlus Many generics costs only $ 4 for 30-day supply MedlinePlus - Strengthening of relations with East Asian democracies MedlinePlus (Japan, South Korea, Australia) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus His failures MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Support for a ransom of $ 700 million from Wall Street banks MedlinePlus and executives, along with Congress. $ 350 billion has MedlinePlus and disappeared into a black hole. No benefit to MedlinePlus public markets, housing values ​​or has been seen. And MedlinePlus no accountability of where the money went has been MedlinePlus provided by the companies and executives rescued (AIG, Citigroup, BOA etc). MedlinePlus - The war in Iraq. Did America really has to come down MedlinePlus Saddam Hussein and enter into a long and costly war? MedlinePlus - Out of control government spending. Government size doubled. MedlinePlus - Did little to prevent outsoucing jobs, especially high-ability MedlinePlus jobs, or to combat the huge trade imbalance with China. MedlinePlus Manufacturing is dead in the U.S.. MedlinePlus - Too little emphais in local politics - has done little to help MedlinePlus people in the household. Too much emphasis on foreign affairs. MedlinePlus - Rescue of the Detroit automakers. Indeed ransom MedlinePlus Union of United Auto Workers. Bankruptcy and MedlinePlus restructuring, possibly, is a better choice. MedlinePlus - Does the U.S. has to be the world's policeman?
Are there any successful CFD's traders out there? What is your story to your successes?0syretta2012-08-24 01:08:21
Just curious as to whether there are people out there who trade CFD contracts for difference , and what are their stories of their successes ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All answers welcome. Thank you !
Sin't it obvious that Republicans do not want to win and will hand the Presidency to Clinton?2MCS2012-10-22 18:00:03
With all pro-war Republican candidates being pushed front and center and so many American's fed up with the war, it would seem that the Republican's are setting themselves up to lose the election and that Hillary has already been elected as President! This entire upcoming 2008 election is a scam! They force us to be so fed up with Republican's. that they thought America would be forced Dem - NO More proof that this Global Agenda and War (Iraq & Iran) will continue and that the economy in America is being set up to collapse. Why, so they can claim we can be bailed out by joining Canada and Mexico as one large international trade union. That is where the Amero comes in - one currency for all the America's. The Elite Powers in Washington will pass it off as an economic bail out for America and force us all into going along with it. Just like the EU and the Euro - this is the next bug step in the Global One World Government - One World Currency America as we know is dead
Computer failures asked prawns1Bea2012-01-02 04:13:35
Side dishes these days, after booting the computer , the host of a great noise, but shortly after the restart, but no sound. I ask my friend, how are you going ah ? How can the next time a similar problem does not occur.
Which of these Barack Obama failures is your favorite?0bobbie2012-10-13 17:38:09
What would you vote to do it again? MedlinePlus 1. stimulus bill - not a jobs bill but a bill democratic recovery MedlinePlus 2. assume g - GM had to file for bankruptcy, finally MedlinePlus 3. cash for clunkers - cost 3 times more than the original budget MedlinePlus 4. no real support from other countries in wars MedlinePlus 5. lack of proper vetting MedlinePlus 6. tax cheats in his administration MedlinePlus 7. MedlinePlus socialist administration 8. allowing radical racist communist in his admin - Van Jones MedlinePlus 9. 8% unemployment expected .. MedlinePlus now at 9.8% 10. no Olympics to Chicago - proved a big ego trip rather MedlinePlus 11. making race relations worse - (stupidly comment-Professor Gates) MedlinePlus 12. flying photo op in New York - New Yorkers fear MedlinePlus 13. sold to other nations by removing missile defense MedlinePlus 14. MedlinePlus constantly campaigning 15. letting Pelosi and Reid write bills MedlinePlus 16. allowing lobbyist when he said he would not MedlinePlus 17. lack of transparency MedlinePlus 18. multiple czars without liability MedlinePlus 19. lying about the details of his proposed health reform law - MedlinePlus lie! 20. try to take control of census MedlinePlus 21. hesitant about giving military what they need to win MedlinePlus 22. MedlinePlus put limits on corporate pay 23. MedlinePlus refusal to investigate black panthers 24. association with acorn MedlinePlus 25. MedlinePlus CIA investigation 26. refuse to comply with the national day of prayer MedlinePlus 27. MedlinePlus worldwide apology tour 28. willing to bow to our enemies while giving our allies axis MedlinePlus 29. lack of support for Israel MedlinePlus 30. supporting a dictator in Honduras MedlinePlus 31. took too long to speak out against violence against voters in Iran MedlinePlus 32. close Guantanamo without a plan MedlinePlus 33. get the NEA to produce propaganda art for his agenda MedlinePlus 34. dismissal of the inspector general to investigate his friends in Americorp MedlinePlus 35. closing voucher program in DC for poor school children MedlinePlus 36. fire the head of GM MedlinePlus 37. lied about putting bills online for 5 days MedlinePlus 38. joints allowing large share of companies acquired by the government MedlinePlus 39. entrepreneurs intimidating (I'm the only thing standing between you and the forks) 40. allowing administration threaten shareholders during bankruptcy car dealers MedlinePlus 41. spending more than any president in the history of MedlinePlus 42. increased the deficit of 3 times the amount last year was MedlinePlus 43. Fannie and Freddie rescue MedlinePlus 44. not be able to return the money to taxpayers as promised MedlinePlus canvas 45. creating a trade war with China and Mexico MedlinePlus 46. dollar devaluation worldwide due to the enormous debt and spending MedlinePlus 47. allowing U.S. to become indebted to foreign countries MedlinePlus 48. clutter class war by AIG bonuses but silent about bonuses for fanny and freddie
What seperates successful online traders from failures?2hhhmmm2012-10-04 12:44:02
For traders I mean those long and short trading in stocks, bonds , currencies , commodities , futures , etc. ..

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