How can nris invest in stocks through online? related questions

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How can nris invest in stocks through online?1DDee2012-09-29 14:19:01
and is there any broker that offers online stock trading for NRIs
Can NRIs living in USA , invest in Indian Stock Market?0tonya2012-11-05 15:16:50
ICICI Bank mentioned me that USA NRIs will not be able to trade stocks in Indian Stock Market because of the restrictions from the SEC (Security Exchange Commission).Are there any other ways we could invest? thanks!
What are some good penny stocks to invest in and which online trading sites allow penny stocks?1mhhw2012-08-16 12:56:03
What are some good penny stocks to invest and that the online trading sites allow penny stocks ?
What is the best way to invest / trade stocks online w/o getting killed by fees?0Kell2012-10-22 14:35:40
I will be working w / about $ 500 U.S. . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I there a way to place trades free or close to it ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Is online trading stocks profitable or should I just invest long-term through a brokerage?0Taymor2012-09-20 22:03:02
Is it profitable online stock trading or long term investing I through a brokerage ?
Which is the best site for online share trading for NRIs?0Verna2012-07-08 08:24:01
I am new to shares, which site can give me the most information for online share trading.
Apart from ICICI Bank who else offers a demat account with online trading facilty for NRIs? Please advise?0theGuy2012-08-23 20:37:03
I am an NRI and would like to do online trading . ICICI offers online trading , demat account - but wanted to know if there are other service providers that account demat and online trading .
How to invest in stocks? are penny stocks good?0m-cook2012-07-30 15:45:02
How would I invest in a stock, like how stock brokers trade/buy/sell stocks.. What website do they use? I know there is software... Would I be able to do it as an 18 year old with a bank account. I fully understand I should study more about this before investing money, but I would just like the question answered for now. Also how immediate can I gain money from it, Would I be able to buy/sell immediately and have money gains in my account within a day? thanks. oh and are penny stocks worth trying. and YES for the final time i know i need to research/learn before buying stocks
How do I invest and buy stocks?1Combinations: URGENT HELP D:2012-10-15 09:04:02
Iam only 19 , but I would like to know how to invest in stocks, etc ... trade MedlinePlus I was thinking of buying something and then just waiting for the right moment I have about $ 2,000 saved ( Iam very well save my money) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus so how do I do this any tips or advice from someone who does not have much of a clue? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also know that the economy is bad enough, but doing nothing only worse , in my opinion . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the replies .
What is the best way to invest $500 in stocks?1S2012-10-27 19:21:04
Opened an account at Scottrade and am willing to invest $ 500 initially . I'll be interested in investing in the long term once I have a certain amount of money , but for starters I want to change for the benefit or a hybrid between trade and investment. With limited diversification initial investment is not profitable because broker fees , so what would you do in my situation ? I'm not saying I'm going to do the same , but I'd like to get some fresh ideas :)
Can you tell me 5 best indonesian stocks to invest now?0Toluene2012-09-03 16:32:02
I hv opened a trading account online in Jakarta exchange.and actions would invest around $ 5000. MedlinePlus I am currently in Jakarta for the next two years .
What kind of stocks should i invest in?0, Prince 2012-10-07 11:01:32
I just opened an online account to buy and sell shares . What should I start with ?

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