General characteristics of the Atlantic Trade from 1450-1750? related questions

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General characteristics of the Atlantic Trade from 1450-1750?0Stevie2012-08-22 11:12:03
What are some of the characteristics of the Atlantic trade ? Like what was imported / exported and by whom .. effects of transatlantic trade , things about the slave trade , etc thanks
What was the impact Ottoman empire had on global trade from 1450-1750?0Brandie2012-10-09 18:22:44
please help I do not know what the answer is and I can not find it on the internet!
Changes and Continuities in latin america 1450-1750?0M Sandhya2012-09-15 02:50:03
Analyze the changes and continuities in Latin America in two of the following areas during the period 1450-1750 : MedlinePlus world trade , demography / migration , social structure , work systems , political systems . HELPPPP ANY INFORMATION PLEASE HELP !
Global Encounters.. Spain 1450-1750?0Evelyn2012-09-15 00:51:03
I have a project for school , and I'm having some trouble finding accurate and relevant research . Our task is to assume the role of a person in Europe in the 1450-1750 season . I am assigned to a living Official Spanish government in Spain . The questions we must answer are ; - What your company hoping to benefit from trade ? MedlinePlus - How has society changed over the centuries ? For better or for worse ? What are the underlying motivations for change? MedlinePlus - How to justify their society 's responses to global interactions ? MedlinePlus Also, I have to talk about what government officials would everyday life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Websites or books that you know what would be a great help ! Thanks so much!
Where can I get information over trade in the Mediterranean Sea during 600-1450?0Shara2012-08-09 16:39:02
I tried to look up, but can not find good sites . Does anyone have the links to share ? Thank you !
Did the Atlantic Slave trade exist?1Imar2012-08-11 09:36:02
1 . Where are these ships at ? They could of gone, had to be at least one. 2 . How do you build ? The construction of such vessels would be too complex at the time, was probably possible , but difficult. 3 . The trip lasted about 9 months , how can toxic waste slaves kill each other ? Teachers say that 3/4 died , but it took 9 months , how can one live 9 months surrounded by human waste ? You can not, is poison. 4 . No dramatic population decline in Africa today. 5 . He said these myths only to manipulate the Native Americans and blacks to make them feel bad and worthless? My theory - African and Native Americans coexisted in America. I have no clue about what Leif Ericson inflict on them the first time I went to America? Personally I think that is where the slaves came from the last ice age , where Native Americans and Africans migrated together. I think the Europeans defeated both keep them as slaves. Do you think this might be possible or am I totally wrong ? Yes , I 'm white and I do not think of myself as liberal , but curious .
What were the causes and the process of the expansion of the Atlantic Slave Trade from inception to end?0eco2012-07-29 00:38:02
I need to write a final paper based on the following topic; "Explain the causes and the process of the expansion of the Atlantic Slave Trade from its inception on the African continent in the 15th century to its complete operation across the West Indies, and the North and South American continents by the 18th century. " I would like any facts and/or sources that you can give me, as well as good ideas and oppinions. The most helpfull gets best answer.
What were the positive and negative effects of the Trans-atlantic Slave Trade?1Ariza2012-08-24 21:43:20
Were there positive effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade at all? Thank you.
Did the U.S government and other European nations apologize for the Atlantic slave trade?3Lisa 1002012-08-09 08:21:42
Does the U.S. government and other European nations apologize for the slave trade in the Atlantic?
How did profits from the Atlantic Slave Trade contrubute to funding Brown University?0zackT2012-07-18 14:47:03
This question is for my project Ap Us Histroy . It's part of my final exams last semester , and need help to answer this question.
Should we contribute more $ in some white history programs, such as the atlantic slave trade that isn't taught?2swendy2012-09-22 14:05:03
Should we contribute more $ in some white history programs such as the slave trade in the Atlantic is not taught in school ? They teach about black slavery . I think it's time to teach about white slavery too. Remember , blacks had their hands in slavery before whites and whites were the ones who finished it . As a matter of fact, in Africa today, slavery is still practiced . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
The most valuable "commodities" exchanged in the late seventeenth century Atlantic trade were?1Radiky Rick 2012-10-10 11:13:01
one . cotton and hemp MedlinePlus b. slaves and their products c. MedlinePlus snuff and hemp d. Hemp and weapons

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