I will be gone for a few weeks. Do you think anyone will miss me? related questions

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I will be gone for a few weeks. Do you think anyone will miss me?1I need some explaining2012-10-02 12:38:02
I have met and had the honor of exchanging comments with all the good people here at the S / A. I send my thanks and hope we have kept in touch in the future. I learned a lot of smart people who responded at once and made some very interesting questions . I hope to be back as soon as possible . But until then , thank you all so much ! ! !
Is 3% in three weeks good for my first 3 weeks on the stock market?1swan2012-10-25 10:48:49
I've been learning the stock market and how to trade and buy and sell signals for rent and also ensure simulation shares.I has leverage.I 100,000 $ 100,000 3% have done so far and I've only been doing this good 3 weeks.Is ?
Miss shadow1Troche2011-12-22 04:57:56
Miss shadow
Did i miss my chance?0LaDonna2012-09-22 15:26:03
So yesterday I was picking up some games at GameStop , and I started talking to the girl behind the counter , finish my business and leave. Today I ended up going back to play again and trade in a couple of others and work the same girls , we started talking again, and while we're talking about doing some magic in the draft abd puts me at a price of 5 the statement . I was going to ask for his number , but a crying baby interrupted me and I lost my temper . i do not go to that gs normaly is like out of the way but I'm still kicking myself for not gettung their num . Is it a lost cause now or I can somehow salvage this?
2011 you can't miss here1Erika2012-03-19 02:53:34
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Do not miss passing through1Zeppelin 2012-02-15 00:38:28
Do not miss to go through
Did I a miss a good chance?2, ignorant -2012-10-15 00:22:02
hi, im 14 and was going to test the market, but my dad says they have it because they thought it might have gotten worse , but I was wrong . I was thinking of buying a $ 1000 if NVIDIA ( NVDA ) for about a fee of 11.50 I could have bought about 86 to about 989 people total. And if they sold today at 14.62 ( up $ 3.12 ) and I have done about 262 in earnings minus trading fees of $ 40 for 222 total and this was in the course of 2-3 weeks . And question is Did I miss a good opportunity ? Look at it from my point of making $ 200 over the course of a few weeks is a big deal for me (I have a job , however , just turned 14 a month ago ?
I need to relocate for my job, but I will miss my girlfriend and dog. What should I do?1jj2012-08-08 08:15:44
Hi all, please help me in this case. This is a time in my life where I 'm struggling badly. I just graduated from college and I was hired for a software engineer working for a large software company that probably made ​​the operating system you are using. However, I have to move to work for the company . My house is about 3 hours drive from the workplace. So I'll just be able to see my girlfriend and my dog for the weekend . She and the dog will not be able to move me. Is this worth it? It is a very large software company and this seems to be a very good opportunity for my life. But I will miss the next two or three years with my girlfriend and a dog. I really love my dog, who has been with me for as long as you live and who is seven. Although the dog belongs to my girlfriend, but I grew and grew with him for a long time because my girlfriend was away and now is back. I also like my friend, have been together for 7 years. I often wonder about this outside the store. Like the father of my girlfriend, who is often away working for a company overseas and probably see his wife and daughter once a month as 3-7 days. Is work so important? Is it worth losing quality time with your family and loved ones? Indeed, his father is now a regional president for a large company, and does as 1000k year. Is it worth it ?
How do I find wholesale miss me jeans?0Fghl2012-07-15 05:50:02
Miss me Jeans are very popular in my area and I need to find a wholesaler of these jeans.They will sell well!!!
Anyone else miss Major League Baseball already?9Taleisa2012-10-27 03:34:01
For me, from November to March has to be the longest month of the year . No major league baseball . I have to check almost all the media to get the latest free agent , trade negotiations and rumors , so I miss baseball. Opening day in Japan between the Redsox and the A is right around the corner ?
Do not miss the world's top ten watch brands02016-10-13 02:01:02
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Why are the emerging Markets getting hit so hard? Did I miss something here?0Nevermind2012-10-19 12:17:17
I know that China is tightening so that should be a good thing not a bad thing . This means that the yaun worth more in the future and they can start small businesses . I know how accounting in China , but that should not affect India. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Overall I think this thing is going to get around to everyone worse off than before. I do not understand why we can not all have the same exchange rates equal trade agreements . If everyone moved to the gold and silver standard and if everyone had equal rate , then yes I would support globalization heartbeat .

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