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Future of the bulls?2Anna-Marie2012-10-15 18:53:03
PG : Hinrich MedlinePlus SG : Thabo Sefaolosha MedlinePlus SF : Luol Deng MedlinePlus PF : Tyrus Thomas MedlinePlus C : Joakim Noah MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Luol Deng re-signs with the Bulls MedlinePlus Ben Gordon signs with a different team MedlinePlus Ben Wallace is traded to a team of players selected in the draft and trash
Any trades you see in the near future involving the chicago bulls?0Stephiney2012-10-16 13:24:03
trade rumors over the Chicago Bulls ?
How much do you think a trade for Amare Stoudemire would improve the Bulls for now and for the future?1tannu2012-10-25 05:43:48
if you were able to acquire MedlinePlus I still think you're a great man of the stars far from becoming a title contender and there have been talks about the Bulls making a commercial effort for him . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If the Bulls can get much of a boost would it be?
Trading securities are investments that will be sold in the near future, What determines near future?0Racoon2012-08-04 10:30:02
Is this a set amount of time?
Q1 What is nifty future? Q2 how to buy? Q3 what are the brokerage for buying future lots?0Cindy Nguyen2012-09-14 07:49:03
Q4 any website to learn about the future ingenious . Q5 can you explain the basis for future witty understood without hitting the Q7 MedlinePlus website and please tell me how different stock trading / share . MedlinePlus do me a favor by answersing in the order number of the questions I have asked how MedlinePlus Answer 1 MedlinePlus Answer 2 MedlinePlus 3 answer , etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus for my better understanding of all the questions I have asked . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
Do you think this is a possible Bulls offseason?0lesego2012-11-06 04:39:10
1. Bulls get: D-Wade and 2nd pick Heat get: Hinrich, Gordon, Gooden, Noah, two future first round picks. Bulls lineup would be: PG- Duhon SG- Wade SF- Deng PF- Thomas C- Gray Key Bench players- Nocioni, Sefolosha, Hughes 2. Super Sonics get: Hughes, Duhon, Gray Bulls get: Watson, 24th overall pick Bulls lineup would be: PG- Watson SG- Wade SF- Deng PF- Nocioni C- Thomas Key Bench players- Simmons, Sefolosha, Brown 3. DRAFT Bulls Picks: 1- Derrick Rose PG 2- Michael Beasley TRADE: Bulls Get: 20th Pick Nuggets Get: 24th, 39th, and 2009 2nd round pick 20- Roy Hibbert Bulls lineup would be: PG- Rose SG- Wade SF- Deng PF- Beasley C- Thomas Key Bench players- Nocioni, Sefolosha, Hibbert Free Agents- SF- Trevor Ariza FC- DaSagana Diop
Would the Bulls be better overall with this trade?1Lin2012-10-24 08:42:02
Deng , Gibson , and an expiring contract Melo .
Are you Bulls Fans mad like me?1popely q2012-08-29 19:15:13
Damn so far its not still making moves . I want to sign a free agent or make a trade to make the best team . But right now I do not know what your planning . Maybe they want to tank this season . I'm not used to see the Bulls lost as stations about 4 years . I want to make a move now that will make us strong contenders again. Who agrees with me ? Anybody fellow Bulls fans what can you say?
Would you go for either of these trades for the bulls?1ayjahnisah2012-10-02 11:13:02
Boozer + Deng for Wildcats second peak or Joakim + + + Korver Butler Rip Hamilton for second pick n DJ Augustine
Would this work if the Bulls did this?0canary2012-07-19 00:22:02
First, do you think Mike D'Antoni, ever consider becoming an assistant coach? If so maybe we could hire to help Thibs probably never happen again, but. I was looking over the project and highlights, and I saw the name of Bradley Beal arrived. I think it can be the protector of the next big shot that can be cut and shoot. He has good size at 6'5 and maybe could get a little stronger, but has great IQ understand that I may be a top 10 selection. Maybe we could move to the fourth pick for our first, rights to Mirotic, and Carlos Boozer. We move Jimmy Butler, the starting job. Let go of Ronnie Brewer and Watson C.J.. Johnny Flynn register a mid-level exception and Courtney Lee at a minimum of $ 1 million deal. Then Rose and Deng sat out all season to rest for the playoffs. Trade, Richard Hamilton Anthony Randolph more depth and athleticism. Deng and Rose will be healthy and we will certainly make the playoffs. We will have a young and athletic and we still have our defensive principles. Derrick Rose and Bradley Beal could be a great couple together in the meantime you can drive and shoot the three. You may not shoot the three well, but Derrick is working on it. Our timeline of the playoffs would be something like this: Point Guard: Derrick Rose, Johnny Flynn and John Lucas III Escort: Bradley Beal, and Courtney Lee Alero: Luol Deng, Jimmy Butler and Kyle Korver Power Forward: Taj Gibson, Anthony Randolph, and Brian Scalabrine Center: Joakim Noah and Omer Asik Derrick Rose broke his ACL and is expected to miss most of next season. With Rose and Deng sitting Flynn and Butler get valuable experience. I think Jimmy Butler, can be a great slasher and mid-range shooter with your body type in 6'7. He just needs some playing time. Flynn just distribute the ball and maybe score five points per game. Jimmy Butler, Bradley Beal, Joakim Noah, and Taj Gibson could handle most of the score. I think that might work and we could win the championship next year. Or you can just sit and blow Rose and Deng season to try to get a first-in general and the draft Jabari Parker. This plan could open things up for us, though. I completely crazy? This is probably a 1% chance of happening, but this could turn the fortunes of the Bulls around. I know this probably will not happen, but it's a good idea and could this team win a championship?
What does this link mean on the Bulls?0Alexander2012-08-16 14:55:03
what are the rules ? any way Bulls could get the first pick in the draft Bulls are the Bobcats first round of 2012 ( Top 14 protected in 2012 , top 12 protected in 2013 , top 10 protected in 2014, top 8 protected in 2015 , unprotected in the year 2016) (Tyrus Thomas trade 02/18/10 )
What do Bulls do in the offseason?1STUDY2012-11-03 20:43:02
First, congradulations to the Heat and their fans. I will not whine or make excuses like many other fans, your team is clearly better. Even if some calls here and there were not very nice, would not have made much difference in the end. Maybe it would have headed back to Game 6, but I'm sure Miami would have won. MedlinePlus So my question is for Bulls fans. What do we do in this offseason. If I were in charge, I would try to trade Boozer and Noah with one or two first-round picks for Dwight Howard. I do not know if Orlando would go for that trade though. MedlinePlus I think Noah is overrated. And Boozer ... so just plain sucks. How can a player who was an All-Star? He just sucks. MedlinePlus So I think we did well without each of these types. Both are good rebounders, but that's it. Noah is a very good defender and his potential, it might be considered Orlando. MedlinePlus Certainly I think we need another scorer who can create his own shot. BEN GORDON AND NO! (I have seen many forums telling Ben Gordon Bulls bring back). MedlinePlus He is too short and you can not play defense and not consistent. Remember why our team struggled defensively with him? Guards had to play in defense, while Hinrich had to play shooting guards (Hinrich is a basis in fact). MedlinePlus I mean, since there is no legit superstar SG around, get someone who can be a great role player (type man scorer 6) and bulid for the future rather than spending another 500 million in Carlos Boozer (I have the feeling the Bulls can do that with Jamal Crawford, who is good but not all -. lucky star as a starter in my opinion, and well almost 30 or already is) MedlinePlus. May Affalo, JR Smith, or Nick Young would be my choices. I feel that Rose can not win by himself and needs another legitimate All-Star type player scorer to beat a team like the heat or thunder with multiple superstars. MedlinePlus If I were the manager and somehow bulls that trade Dwight down, I'd love to see a team like this (although very unlikely) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PG - D. Rose C. J. Watson MedlinePlus SG - K. Bogans Nick R. Young K. Brewer Korver MedlinePlus SF - L. K. Deng R. Korver Brewer MedlinePlus PF - T. K. Gibson Thomas MedlinePlus C - D. Howard O. Asik MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that probably will not happen, but what you are out of season the Bulls will be ideal?

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