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활용되지 않는 부정사 동사
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As you recall, the courtyard was very dirty. Well , we've cleaned up and we've cut the grass, but we have not thrown all the rubbish yet. When we bought the house, which was an ugly pink color.Well , we have painted all the exterior walls and we painted most of the rooms. We painted the rooms yet. I want to paint my room blue. Remember I told you I had a broken door and a broken window ? Well, I fixed them , but we have not put new locks on the house doors.The also had some problems with the plumbing in the bathrooms and kitchen. We have repaired the pipe in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom - a guy came to do the job last week - but we have not solved the problem with the downstairs bathroom yet. Therefore, as you can see , we are making progress , little by little! The most important thing missing is the furniture. We bought the furniture and still no place to sit ! We hope you can come visit when the house is ready. Be careful , the love of Sandy
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In its report, the yard was dirty. Well, we've cleaned, but also cut the grass, but not dispose of all waste. When we bought the pink house is ugly. Well, now we have all the exterior walls and most of the house before repainting. We paint the bedroom, I want it finished in blue. Remember I told you about our doors and windows are bad? Have also been repaired, but not close all the doors are new. House bathroom and kitchen pipes are also some problems, and has rebuilt the kitchen and upstairs of the pipe as well - last week to repair a young - but we have not solved the downstairs bathroom. Look, you see, we're a bit of progress. The main problem remains poorly furniture, we have not bought , so there is no place to sit. We hope that our house is decorated , you come to us after work. Be careful of sand love
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