The risk of maritime freight reachs international trade be on guard

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The risk of international maritime trade goods reachs be on guard
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CIF stands for Cost Insurance and Freight English, as being the same as FOB, which is the price of technical terms used in international trade. Being in our country, someone call this term "CIF". But this kind of designation, which destroys the person misunderstanding of the real risk that transfers are broken only by the buyer at the port of discharge bargainor easily. Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is in its 460th publication, ie "INCOTERMS 1990" at once established, the bargainor should be in charge of freight, order cabin, clean B / L is obtained after the goods bill of lading the goods conclude insurance contract, pay the cost of insurance, obtain evidence of insurance, by pride and risk, the output of the Qing Dynasty of goods is driving procedures. From looking at it seems, the buyer of the CIF, in addition to paying out to atone for the leaf, which at the port of destination ie pick up the goods to sit and wait. However, dissect, discover secrets between them is not difficult. "INCOTERMS 1990" on, simply press bargainor condition usually concludes the contract of carriage, and "normally conditional" is an issue of fact. For the character bargainor, "Usually conditional" ie cheap goods. Consequently, one can ignore the owner's credit status, marine, want products to be installed on board only with respect to all that is good. Bargainor simply goes down the risk of liability insurance the lowest in the protective covenants, if the property is safe PICC through FPA (FPA). As added protection risk the danger of war, strike expected, the buyer must notify a selling party in charge vain. Franco, as a CIF that is planted by contacting one of the few pieces of paper, and not paying attention to good credit operations with the sale of game, what else happens probable. Making multilateral border cheat, those who use the buyer is lax, CIF is the possibility of this type of pattern of trade, ostentatious fool everyone. Cheat file 1990, Bengal suffer from floods, the country approved trader in Hong Kong and Shanghai company of the company China's grain imports and exports fat to sign the commercial rice of 8 kilotons, the CIF price is approximately $ 1.7 million. L / C is running after exit, the Hong Kong trader complete test matches only elegant to be in a Japanese clearinghouse trading success, bill of lading by the Brazilian company of a ship regular signing and issuing , name of ship of the consignment is equivalent to "date" Luo Li. However, "" date did not go all the time Luol Bengal however download. Classic research discovered later, in the autograph odd days actually this boat is still carrying a battalion of Europe. Result, the government of Bengal is declared and unfortunate - pay $ 1.7 million to impose a large sum of retention rates. WA) $ +. Someone should do, the bank will not care to exchange settlement sheet? UCP400 of the International Chamber of Commerce states, when the bank looks at a document, they want to conform to the surface only need credit file. Those who change character to present scam, the bank assumes no responsibility. In England, the bank, even if you know perfectly well the file is on vacation fictional, are not entitled to refuse payment. This regulation comes from the "United City Merchants V 1983. Royal Bank of Canada". At that time, in this case, reach the beneficiary of the payment beneficiary's bank of exchange, the bank discovers actual shipping relatively sending the L / C is late, therefore refuse to pay. But the next day, the evidence also Shi Fu is only to discover the date of bill of lading and agreed with the sending of L / C, however, for defrauding the bank file, claim to reject the payment, immediately bilateral litigation. Patio aristocratic think two factors mentioned above have the chance of plants: 1. When writing, the date coup failed, 2. The captain of the signs of failure. Aristocratic court decides, finally, unless the bank can be fooled, the person who is owned against, otherwise the bank has no right to refuse payment. This scam is legal precedent to fly very adverse. But looking from another angle in the yard, the aristocracy also give no cause for more criticism. The formation of central banking in all cases, be closely linked to the financial condition of banks. If the bank refuse payment always used to be against financial stability. Owner is by boat after installing bargainor general merchandise, the risk of the goods on board for crosses to give the buyer with respect to a same arm. If owner is the apprentice who forget to honor the sight of money, the buyer faces the second class, probably - owner is against it. Sometimes the CIF buyer can receive the advice of owner of a sudden, the buyer pays the debt requirement brush for use with offerring add fuel which, otherwise, wants to open the sacrifice of merchandise ships from the Middle East general. Finding this kind of situation, the buyer in a dilemma, if they, being afraid of a bottomless pit, if they do not, be afraid of shame in anger guard again, sell the director did not really no turning back. If the person is very old, a few property owner after installation in the harbor, away from the scene. According to statistics from the ICC, where the highest peak, one half of a month has 4 load missing in Lebanon. Carry cargo ship old ship is mostly after the goods are sold, boat or being thrown, or incognito. Today the company is the company ships mostly single ship, bankruptcy does not have any problem at home. Gumshoe to root out international is at a loss what to do to a variety of cheating. To nip in the bud, the author believes that international trade is currently very flat, this type of cheating can against a rainy day, cut the roots. Above all, before doing business, research efforts bargainor financial situation is. Otherwise, the contract expires, the buyer is the principal was to many deaths. Then, if not done with the bargainor senior financial, trade, the buyer wants to test only for ship control. And the decline in the CIF, the buyer expects in relation to sea state citizenship, age, ship, free shipping option. Change in character, the buyer FOB strives very advantageous for the prevention of cheating. Because the recipient node disease is the most serious is the bill of lading. Then FOB, the buyer can contact the owner of the vessel at any time, understanding trends in shipping, you can drive before settlement cheater change, the application may be made (Amparo) prohibits cheating will exchange or liquidation prohibit the bank pays and also the buyer is when chartering, knowledge of the owner's financial situation with ease as well, which is effectively prevented guard against. The third, in CIF prices to the conclusion that the contract, the buyer is the condition that it is the liquidation of change in order to ensure the arrival of the goods or the period of time after the ship set sail, but CIF contract, this contract and belonged to the real significance to go further. For a company such as personnel, knowledge of foreign trade or shipping only just connect, probably know the work is far from complete, the staff of the company's true Gao Shuiping, you can always take advantage of all types of run, trade, the effort to prevent a variety of flight, the choice of CIF and FOB is the best proof. I want to be in international trade is one of the difficulties remain invincible in the industry with high-risk groups, the collection has few serious data information is also very important.
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