Will the Kessel trade haunt the leafs for years to come? related questions

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Will the Kessel trade haunt the leafs for years to come?2Jasmyn2012-10-21 17:25:02
I mean so far leaves have lost a second overall pick Tyler Seguin in Not a big problem at this time , however , they are sitting instead of 28 , but avoided the 29th new jersey because playing is surprisingly horrible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus with the way things are , I think the leaves are going to end up in the bottom 3 for sure. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus so the question is , how much of an effect in the future will be the loss of the leaves of these selections have ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS , had not received Kessel leaves that might have ended last season and really got room instead.
Phil Kessel vs. Tyler Seguin, 3 years later?0Henry2012-07-27 05:09:02
Back in 2010, the Bruins traded Kessel for a 2nd overall pick in Tyler Seguin. Taylor Hall was picked 1st that year. Now that the younger Seguin has played 2 seasons/raised the Stanley Cup as a 19 year old. Would would you rather have on your team? Kessel vs Seguin? Bq: Hall vs Seguin?
Toronto Maple Leafs get James Van Riemsdyk* in a trade with the Flyers. How will this affect the Leafs?2Clyd2012-10-01 20:33:02
How do you see JVR and leaves with this new situation ?
Calling all Anti-Leafs! We need Leafs to win and get in, must NOT get Doughty or Stamos, NTCs must continue!?0yvonda2012-11-04 05:43:42
We need to collectively cheer the Leafs into 8th spot of the eastern conference, so they can get swept in 4 games by the Habs, Devils, Pens, or Sens. That way, Kubina's no trade clause does NOT expire and he remains with the team. Sundin comes back, because he is inspired that the Leafs can win, but the Leafs don't get a high draft pick to get a sure fire superstar. Also, the Leafs will have a decent team next year, so they will hopefully be able to avoid the basement again and not get John Tavares or another hot prospect. If they make the playoffs again, Kaberle's NTC remains active and he won't be available to be traded for future assets either. These happenings could screw up the Leafs for a very long time! I know it's painful to see the Leafs make the playoffs folks, but it's really the best for us all. If the Leafs can be stuck with this group of veterans for the next 2 seasons instead of rebuilding, they will suck for at least another 5 or 6 years after that. GO LEAFS GO!!!
Why do Leafs fans believe everyone wants to trade with them?0Pragati2012-09-09 12:40:02
Every day , all I see are false unilateral deals invented by fans leaves. they sound like: " Schultz definitely want to sign with Toronto , which does not, herp derp a". Shut the fck up leaf fans , nobody wants to play for a loser and a stage full of businessmen not noisy at ACC . You are jealous that the Habs have the third pick ? because the losers 67
Maple Leafs-Flyers trade?!?0luli2012-07-20 14:38:02
Luke Schenn headed to Philly to play with Brayden in exchange for James van Riemsdyk. Thoughts?
What do the Maple Leafs need at the trade deadline to make it to the Stanley Cup finals?6Maddy and Emma2012-10-26 11:13:02
Now that general manager Brian Burke has made this the greatest team , the team harder and work harder in the league , obviously the fans are looking at what could be a career for a cup . Here are some of the best talent in the leaves already have . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unstoppable scorer in the mold of Alex Ovechkin MedlinePlus - Prologue - Phil Kessel Defense - Tomas Kaberle - blue top liner in the NHL , better than Duncan Keith MedlinePlus Goalkeeper - Jonas Gustavsson - stop target monster , like Ryan Miller MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here are your stars today , tomorrow's superstars players MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Forward - Nazem Kadri - dominant force on the ice , the future of Nicklas Backstrom MedlinePlus Defense - Luke Schenn - great vision , future Norris winner , as Drew Doughty MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With such skill , is there something / someone leaves you wish to purchase the trade deadline to help push them into the top to reach the Cup finals and we dare say , perhaps even win silver hardware ?
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Good trade what you think Leafs and Coyotes, Coyotes and Habs?0Naomi-Eliana2012-09-06 05:19:04
For Phoenix MedlinePlus Tyler Bozak , it might be good for coyotes . MedlinePlus Jonas Gustavsson , give them a good future good goalkeeper , Plus leaves have a lot of backups. MedlinePlus Second-round pick , who knows he might get . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For Toronto MedlinePlus Kyle Turris , who knows hockey market could carry out his talent . MedlinePlus Raffi Torres da hardest sheets . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To Habs MedlinePlus Kyle Turris , Habs take a gamble on him and who knows what he could do with the habs cammy . MedlinePlus Daymond Lankgow brings great leadership at the club , and this trade could change things . MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus To MedlinePlus Coyotes Ryan White , Get future captain and leader , also a large mill will be something for coyotes . MedlinePlus Scott Gomez , Some coyotes MedlinePlus how to go bury his contract in minors. First -round pick , 2012 , receive a first round pick another
What will it take for The Leafs to finally win the Cup again?7nnn2012-10-11 09:07:02
Fans from around the world to see. Layered history check. Excellent place check. Strong / Sustainable Economy check. International economic strength check. Why not get the property in Toronto Cup ? Detroit auto industry devastated his power still has a long decade , Disney won the Cup . Wake T.O. Do not allow Vancouver to get all the recognition of Hockey Canada with the upcoming Olympics - Let the cup - trade , purchase, whatever it takes .
Am I the only one questioning what the hell the Leafs are doing right now?1kl2012-08-01 06:34:55
Well, at first to draw two defenders with his first two draft picks despite having problems way bigger than that. I liked this van Riemsdyk Schenn to trade either , leaves do not need other end and Schenn has been unjustly criticized , as long as he has been a leaf. I just hope to God we are not clearing the way for Luongo bushes. Gustavsson trade was not really that bad for me because probably going back to Europe anyway, is a free agent in a few days, and is inconsistent.
25 years old, 35 years old, 45 years old, the most suitable of the three age start?1ain't nuttin but a G thang 2012-02-18 00:45:15
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