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Who has a yahoo messenger account i want to talk to some people?0Kali2012-08-19 20:02:02
chima my name and I have a yahoo messenger account . I love talking to people about anything. I have some friends on Yahoo Messenger , but I need a little more . if anyone has one see if u can contact me or add me to your list of friends ok bye : D MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PD for all poke- fans for his fast would my name and my FC is 4253 9146 3617. so if you want to trade or battle ill be here MedlinePlus MedlinePlus notify me if you agree or you and I hope that I can talk to u soon bye : D
Yahoo Messenger clients a plus tips0Momof82012-06-28 21:01:07
Yahoo Messenger clients a plus expert tips, please come a few clients recently added Yahoo Messenger contact is the beginning on how email clients do not return later to see the end of the mailbox is a yahoo pass on to all Add to Yahoo actually was contacted, and the development of several which summed up a pretty good trick to see if mail is yahoo's customers can add Yahoo Messenger to try to go above the region, especially India and Pakistan, many foreigners like to use Yahoo Messenger If you already know the little brother to friends as a trespass
Who can Provide Stock Trading Tips EveryDay On Mobile & yahoo messenger?3calculus2012-11-04 10:00:02
Who can Provide Stock Trading Tips EveryDay On Mobile & yahoo messenger? Good Tips....Please Tell me Alsp want to Pay service
Marketbhavishya15000 claims to give intraday trading tips "live" on yahoo messenger. How do I do this?1judy ann2015-07-14 02:41:31
Try as I may I am unable to get marketbhavishya15000 live on yahoo messenger. They claim to get over 2000 hits on yahoo messenger "live" and I would like to have detailed steps on the procedure to do this. It would be a big help.
How i can get free stock intraday trading calls and share tips on yahoo messenger?????1m.k. combs2015-07-14 02:41:30
How I can download free stock calls intraday trading and share tips on yahoo messenger ? ? ? ? ?
When people talk about Disciplined Trading what do they mean exactly?0Veridiana2012-07-05 14:15:01
I have heard many people talk about forex trading discipline, but never knew exactly what they meant, may be I can find some answers here.
Some people can talk about a period of adjustment in the end what is it?0LORE 6452012-07-09 15:24:02
Some people can talk about a period of adjustment in the end what is it?
Are people who talk about global warming full of hot air?4K. B.2012-09-21 14:59:02
Actually , it happens to believe that global warming is ocurring . Within the next 20 or 30 years Glacier National Park in Montana can be glacier free . Less than 200 years had identified more than 360 glaciers there. Polar bears have short supply since the ice fields are melting faster than before. Remember , a cold winter on the East Coast is an example of a time , not the climate . Nanook of the North has been working on her tan in recent years . It has operated in its seal and caribou parka lined for a Hawaiian shirt and Speedo .
Why do some people talk about women working like it's a "new" thing?2noman2012-09-10 23:00:02
I'm not starting a working mother SAHM debate here. The question has nothing to do with the situation is better or that someone should do or anything like that. This is the history of the human race and the roles within families earlier. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I started thinking about it, because sometimes I see people talking about staying home like the "old way" ... and coincidentally there are many who believe that the "old" way is automatically "correct" and his comments thereon reflect that. But I wonder if it occurred to them that until the industrial revolution was in full swing, women worked alonside their husbands in the family business. Are your kids started early. It was not until the IR was well established that only became common working man. And I'm pretty sure even the first humans designated women on any given day to watch the kids for the rest of the women would take over responsibilities "home" (which were obviously much more demanding then) for the productivity of the entire group would not be hampered by the need of each individual to the mother tends to her children. They system involving most women working, performing tasks that were for the benefit of the clan as a whole and the individual family. So, that was a long time working moms and stay at the Cave of the moms. lol But seriously, logical right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I seem to see many arguments for things like breastfeeding, co-sleeping, not circumsizing, staying home, etc to resort to it being the "old natural" way of doing things and for me it seems to be able to spend all our time with our children was a natural way for most of our history. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thoughts? Again, not trying to start a war, I'm 100% open to all that are respectful.
Do you think these people need to be IP banned from yahoo?0sb2012-09-25 22:56:02
People : Ask for illegal software or free software that cost real money . MedlinePlus Trading accounts in games MedlinePlus Sale of MedlinePlus MedlinePlus trade items spamming
What to do when people abuse you verbally on Yahoo? ?1Karren2012-10-07 12:38:02
Some of the anwswers to my questions were very hurtful , as one guy told me not to trade one of your Pokemon, just because you asked I could find, and another man said I was stupid because I was in a special Ed class, another guy told me to look for my parents to see how much you care about me , a guy told me it was a bum, and one made ​​a joke that hurts because he told me not to publish hurtful or mean comments twice, I was just being careful, and another guy told me it was sexist. I'm shaking I'm so angry right now . I never meant to offend anyone I was answering and asking questions. You can only deatavatie my account because of what they said. It really bothers me that some people can be so cruel >: (
People on Yahoo Answers who ask questions about stocks.?0ktjo2012-10-27 01:23:11
I feel that some of these people asking about " what action should I take ? " and MedlinePlus " I want to open an account , but I know nothing about the stock market " MedlinePlus these are the people who are severely burned when you start trading .

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