Italian schools in which students can study fashion design clothing accessories professional or professional related questions

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Italian schools in which students can study fashion design clothing accessories professional or professional0brandi2012-08-19 13:11:02
Question asked how many points of English added: I want to learn Italian fashion designer accessories ( handbags hats jewelry ) or the number of fashion design schools require IELTS or TOEFL , please help
I am a High School science students, will want to learn industrial design, should now be ready to do professional1vagina_game 2012-03-12 19:10:16
As the title. For example , mapping software to learn what not. The more detailed the better answer, Thanks principal
Professional brand design services providers, book design, brochure design, website design, e-magazine design0zeda2012-09-26 21:38:02
Professional Services brand design , design suppliers of books, brochure design, web design , e- design magazine
Score Guiqiu (paper use)! ! Advertising design, home improvement professional and art design into comrades! ! ! !1ineedhelp2012-07-22 21:40:02
Asked a few professional questions: 1, showing the main function of display reflected what? 2, shows the principle layout what? 3 miles with lighting, decorative lighting, general description of the functional role and focus of light and form characteristics of 4, a brief analysis of ways to improve the efficiency of the visual transmission 5, color coordination and outlined the relationship between exhibition space
Clothing basics: clothing professional appraisal standards1salassia2012-10-17 03:44:02
Basics Dress: clothes professional evaluation standards
Which schools have futures trading courses with commodity seminars from professional futures traders ?0Wale2012-07-30 15:44:57
I'm a graduated student about business administration . Now I'm looking for some futures trading courses with commodity seminars and day future trading seminars from renowned professional futures traders.Do U know where teach options trading courses that will give me the trading mindset of being a pro-trader ?
Nanning, where there is cheaper with the professional architectural design company rendering1Danny2012-01-01 20:10:36
It has a program to make renders, but the effect of Nanning, the company plans to do most of the models only produce results in very good programs and the design firm ?
Riverside restaurant decoration business professional design company phone number?1 (Core Estate pain -2012-02-03 22:19:55
Riverside restaurant decor business professional design company phone number ?
Olympics offer services: clothing catalogs ~ ~ ~ graphic design fashion photography model free book offers, photography; design, talk about cooperation, after satisfaction1PORN STAR 2012-01-16 06:06:57
Olympic Games offer the following services: clothing catalogs ~ ~ ~ graphic design photography fashion model offers a free service of books, photography, design , discuss cooperation, after the satisfaction
I wanna find 1 professional accessories for apple, blackberry aliexpress seller,like the seller epragmatic1Bar2012-04-04 19:00:20 , you can find accessories for the iPad iPhone here , all items are free shipping by DHL FedEx + + + DPEX Aramex , without paying extra fee statement customs .
Expo will help accelerate China's professional clothing get rid of "old faces"1condor2012-03-10 05:48:30
Expo will help accelerate China's work clothes to get rid of " old faces "
16-year-old students and other students of the 25 yuan to 1,100 yuan a television schools to participate in activities be lucky number 6,800 yuan bonus was told not to get personal, expert doubts1pony2012-03-18 05:54:51
Students 16 years of age, and other students of the yuan to 25 yuan per 1,100 schools television to participate in activities lucky number is 6,800 yuan bonus said he did not receive personal doubts , experts

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