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What was the value of the property destroyed on September 11, 2001?0aleena2012-08-19 12:18:02
What was the cost of the dollar value of the destroyed property ( buildings and airplanes ) on September 11, 2001 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want to know the money spent or donated for reconstruction or repair of the victim family, only the value of the property destroyed on that day . ( Plans and buildings ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please include the four planes and three buildings , not only to the two planes that hit the World Trade Center . ( North Tower of the World Trade Center , South Tower of the World Trade Center , the Pentagon and four aircraft ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please indicate the source. Thank you.
Where were you and what were you doing on the morning of September 11, 2001?8M Vance2012-10-26 14:56:58
I lived in the New York area all my life . I was only 20 years . old and the mall and then worked up the city of New York skyline . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That morning was wonderfully sunny and warm . I was getting ready for work while watching Maury ( an episode of paternity) and left my house a few minutes after the first plane hit Tower One . I was walking to the bus stop when a guy yelled that a plane just hit the World Trade Center . I thought it was a small Cessna and prayed that the people in the plane were fine. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I arrived at my first destination for my next bus , a record store had their radio speakers in the village and talked news of two planes . I got confused , but I knew I was going to see all that for me when I arrived at my mall . Both towers were in flames and smoke hung in the sky . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The mall closed at noon that day and went to the back of the mall where the lower Manhattan was in sight . Also covered in black smoke .
If you could go back in time to September 1st 2001, what would you do?2reba2012-09-25 07:44:02
OPTION # 1: You will notify the authorities and prevent 9/11 . The World Trade Center , the Pentagon and United 93 are fine, and the close call is enough to convince people to put more security in place. However, since they have a reasonable explanation of how he knew that such specific details of the terrorist plans ( the feds do not buy you've traveled back in time to stop a national tragedy ) that is locked up and everyone thinks you're okay madman or a terrorist . There is no guarantee that you will have to leave the prison / mental hospital . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus OPTION # 2: You know that 9/11 will happen in 10 days , but you also know that no one will believe that time travel. To ensure that you are not locked up in jail or in a mental hospital for the rest of his life , is to do nothing and let history take its course . On September 11 , no one thinks to blame you, but you have to sit and wait for it to happen and know you could have prevented it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What to choose ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS : If you believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy , change the # 1 choice to " go on the news and tell everyone and the government locks you into revealing his plans " or whatever .
Has the Republican party trade marked September 11, 2001?4samm2012-10-16 10:35:02
Full Transcript This is supposed to be a day of remembrance. Remembrance of the attack, remembrance of the national unity which followed it. Most important of all, remembrance of the dead. But 9/11 has become
How did Tuesday September 11th, 2001 compare to a Civil War battle?1Eduardo Gonzalez2012-11-04 16:56:02
Of course, 9/11 . We all know the history of the recent sad day . Everything from Al Qaeda , the terrorists are hiding Osama bin Laden in Boston , 9 11 was a sad day : (, the men who died , children of school age who do not understand how it happened, compared to Pearl Harbor , religion and hatred, cursing people , the Economic recession, the shock was so sad as George W. Bush sent us to war with Afghanistan and Iraq , countless stories of people around New York , cleaning parts the World Trade Center , cartoons endless people who attack the towers, as Yoda from " Star Wars" and Nintendo 64 Starfox Starfox of the Arwing attacks , the FBI and the TSA , the U.S. and the World Bank and the Planet to share about what happened and where they were, and the rest is a history of the world and has been for 12 years the day the earth stood still ... A lot of people I have never asked this. How 11.9 compared to the Civil War, and was worse, the Confederate soldiers and the soldiers who died in the Union Civil War Battles in the North and South or 9.11 ? How Tuesday 11 September 2001 compared to a battle civil War ?
Receiving stolen property whether they want to spend money, there will be some recovery of lost property or compensation can be0Nastia2012-07-17 09:30:02
I am of the month at 6:20 pm on 11 a motorcycle "theft" (then the motorcycle theft is the theft of my people on the bike next to the motorcycle when I can not live launch, and then informed the local vice Squad ), 13 people were arrested the night of the robbery, which was served on the capture page to get 14 trucks it takes to make the price of receiving assessment procedures , costs 0.11 in my own car expenses motorcycles stolen vehicles after receiving procedures do not yet received notification that I have the engine there are other important goods and other items and other important information has not been notified to pick up now, when the brigade vice to find the answer is not to investigate and told me. ask the experts so if the case can be determined as theft, and second if the vehicle costs to conduct the evaluation must be made ​​by me, the Interpol team for this case requires much time, if the property of another has been unable to recover can be compensated. The case occurred in Hubei Red Cliff I can now how the elements that affect the car to my work, please help, thanks to his brother 's lack of respect!
Please help: phone destroyed card!1Pamela2012-04-15 05:00:39
I just changed the dynamic area of the card. I turned off , then start yesterday a broken card, keep the original number, and then go out, and today is broken. Broken two cards can be used on other phones do not! I suspect the problem was my phone. Due to the quality of the two cards can not be passed oh, and the same bad shape . Strange. At the end is why? The phone is a GM958S panda , used over a year , so good! I do not know what 's wrong with strange area , or dynamics of the card is the water?
You mean, the world is really not going to be destroyed by Global Warming?0kyra2012-10-08 09:34:05
What are the Democrats going to do now with his Cap & Trade tax bill ? Barack Hussein Obama had all those millions of $ $ $ $ $ for his twisted plans . Does the Witch , Pelosi , get another of his invented Bible verses punish follow us destroy the planet ? Liberal Left Or follow the example of the anointed and scientists knock on the bus , stating that lied to them ?
Pirated books seized should be destroyed1CASTBOUND 2012-03-11 04:49:49
Because many parts of our country , children can not afford even a book , be sure to check that this will not feel a million copies of pirated books in the wanton destruction of the same , so are not under the conditions special books given to children in poor areas is more reasonable, but is also very reasonable if not destroyed, making it difficult , do you think should be how to deal with it more reasonable
Would you think it possible Lehman Bros. purposely destroyed their own company?2Merli2012-10-14 23:20:02
I want to read the description of himself Leman . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Lehman Brothers , an innovator in global finance , serves the financial needs of corporations, governments and municipalities , institutional clients and high net worth individuals worldwide . Founded in 1850 , Lehman Brothers maintains leadership positions in equity and fixed income sales , trading and research , investment banking , private investment management , asset management and private equity. The firm is headquartered in New York , with regional headquarters in London and Tokyo , and operates in a network of offices worldwide . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They seem pretty well diversified , as I'm sure that any investment broker / bank would say it is the wisest and secure it on Wall -Street . So this question. Why would they make the move to consolidate its interests in such really volatile part of the market, eg derivatives, residential mortgage , namely , not stay diversified ? Do the owners to sell the valuable portions of the company for personal gain and deliberately imploded the "front" ? That is why not rescued Lehman Bros. , does not?
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