HELP IM ON THE clock!!!?

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achut dahal
Asked at 2012-08-19 02:35:28
079 Ask MedlinePlus A decrease in the price of imports or an increase in the price of exports : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . improve the terms of trade . MedlinePlus b. deteriorating terms of trade. MedlinePlus c. have no effect on the terms of trade . MedlinePlus d. none of these
Answer1JennyvAnswered at 2012-08-26 03:24:02
You did not give us a question that gave us multiple choice, so choosing D
Answer2jannyAnswered at 2012-09-01 05:30:02
I give a wrong answer to not go .
Answer3Doorstep Flowers IndiaAnswered at 2012-09-03 14:35:02
Answer4MaylAnswered at 2012-09-26 00:20:03
The answer is b . If two countries are trade goods , say a country . Cars are pieces of country's trade microchips B If A issues a tariff on goods from B , so the higher price of imports , trade will suffer. If B can not afford to export both because the price is higher , then they will not negotiate with A. This would make the terms of trade worse. I think .
Answer5MargaryAnswered at 2012-10-20 18:21:23
Or is a co
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