Suggest the best online trading firm with a low brokerage charges for intra-day trading in india? related questions

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Suggest the best online trading firm with a low brokerage charges for intra-day trading in india?0Mark2012-08-18 21:19:02
Suggest the best online trading company with some low brokerage for intraday trading in India?
What is brokerage charges for online share trading in India and which is the cheapest as of date?0kk2012-07-14 07:39:02
How is intraday trading brokerage and other hidden tax and charges in India.sel and buy brokerage is there?1Mark Russel2012-08-16 03:03:03
How in intra day taxed in india. WHile buying and selling we need to pay brokerage. How tax is calculated Tax is only for brokerage? wat are the taxes appicable. What are the other charges ?
Which is the best brokerage firm in india for share trading and offers least brokerage rates?1Haven2012-09-02 05:45:03
help needed urgent
What is a good online stock trading firm/brokerage?1Federico2012-10-13 07:06:02
I'm looking for one that simply has a monthly fee, no "per-trade" fees, or anything like that.
Can anyone suggest me any online trading service provider for india from USA to BUY/SELL stocks online?1Gary.L2012-11-04 05:43:05
Can anyone suggest online trading providers in India?0Ma2012-08-18 12:21:02
Hello , My needs or what I am planning to do is: - 1) Trading for long term ( inverter type ), low investment as well. 2) the cost of low brokerage . 3) Market research is not a problem , my sources are personal. 4) NSE / BSE ? trade should be allowed. 5) Basically Hassel free services . Can anyone suggest online trading sites conform to the law. Thank you !
Pls. mentione brokers charges in india in equity & commodity for online trading?0zola2012-09-18 06:34:04
Pls . charges mentione brokers in India in equity and commodity online trading ?
Can anyone suggest a site or way to learn online trading in india?0indigo2012-07-07 14:27:01
Can anyone suggest a place or way to learn online trading in India?
I want to open an online stock trading account in India. Which firm has low commisions and is reliable?3Naia2012-10-27 02:44:03
I am currently in the US. So I need an account that can be opened and operated from the US .
How long does it usually take to buy 1 million stocks in online brokerage trading firm and how long to sell?1thanks2012-08-02 16:57:02
I would like to know time, not exactly but for example would it take arround a second, or minutes? Also what would be a nice brokerage account to do this kind of trading?
I just opened a margin account with a online brokerage firm, Can I use margin for day trading?1TALAL2012-09-20 12:06:01
I just opened a margin account with a brokerage firm online, can I can use the margin for day trading ?

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