Where to find international trading (import and export) data? related questions

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Where to find international trading (import and export) data?1Sebas2012-11-06 06:06:02
I have to do empirical research on the crisis in subprime mortgages and need the data on total imports and exports of all countries. Does anyone can help me? (WTO offers nothing !)
What's the best guide book to read on international trading (import/export?)?0Mbaintu2012-08-12 02:00:01
something easy to comprehend with all the important facts ?
Which methodology, I will use for reporting,data of export and import enquiry by Minister?1Joselyn2012-09-10 05:41:02
Minister of Commerce, the query data export and import of goods and services of the two countries and two developed countries. All data is in the book called the main switchboard and detailed aggregate 2009 Part II. Methodogy Writing and Introduction to the thesis
Can a private limited company start import and export business without any export import licence in india.?3abd2016-06-06 20:30:54
make a limited company and we intend to start importing goods from Malaysia for trading purposes , now that we are registered as a limited liability company does not require a license for the import of goods saperately .
Most informative and most recent books on import/export - international trade?0alisha s.2012-07-27 13:48:02
Hello , I am looking for bulk loads of information on international trade - imports and exports . Moreover, in the "how." Not only this, but the most recent books have been published , the better. I found many books with accurate information about what I need, however, are quite dated and it really shows in the context. Any information is welcome! Thank you.
Beijing International Trade in Cabe clothing is a liar you import and export center1Wei Yang 尐 ゛ ___ 2012-02-06 19:21:05
See above the recent release of online outsourcing companies advertising activities online manual processing , but prepaid deposit of 1,600 yuan , did not know that this business is not really in the final
Thinking about using international trade lead (import export) websites to start an online "Virtual Corporation0hashm2012-09-29 03:32:05
Good idea? NO ? Why? Instead of acting as a commercial agent , or the buyer or seller who would own the facilities and suppliers to cooperate agrree to manufacture a final product and sell that product to overseas buyers ? a kind of joint venture between a few dozen or perhaps investment would businesses.Their volunteering their assets , to see the product through its sale. I would be the owner of the " Virtual Enterprise " What are your thoughts ?
How do I find SHENZHEN GMT IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LIMITED?4Gabrielle2012-03-22 02:49:42
I can not find this firm Alibaba anymore.but bought something from them a few weeks ago using alibaba.they are fraud
How can i find a Taiwan import & Export agent ?3Gloria2012-05-30 04:05:07
I have to find a Taiwan professional import and export agent , where I can find? I use to accept payment agent for customers and the agent help me deliver the cargo to the U.S. . the agent must be professional. thanks !
What website to find import export trade shows?0.Jacqueline2012-09-25 20:45:03
I can not find anywhere with results
How do I find Weiye Import And Export Trade (Shenzhen)Ltd. is?3Sweet Cheeks 2016-02-26 19:02:43
How I can find Weiye Import & Export Ltd. (Shenzhen ) is ?
Anyone know any website for export/import or trading.?0Khrissy2012-07-30 15:02:02
industial supplies fot the exclusive websit is welcome.

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