Restore a system harmful to computer point to a machine I know C dish the thing can do not have related questions

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Restore a system harmful to computer point to a machine I know C dish the thing can do not have1Boot2012-01-31 02:04:28
Detrimental to restore a computer to a point I C plate machine can do the thing that
Excuse me: My system dish it is NTFS format. Other DEF dish it is FAT32. GHOST divides a file to be in fully F dish. Use excuse me bring godet to you can restore to be divided fully?1DeAr_M2012-01-08 20:30:51
Excuse me: My plate is the NTFS format system . Other dishes DEF is FAT32. GHOST splits a file to be completely in F plate. Use godet excuse to get me to divide completely restored ?
Why does my machine installed the old windows98 system crashes, but the ghost can restore the system restore but that they will not start?1Pat2012-02-28 17:47:28
Why is my old Windows 98 machine running the system crashes, but the ghost can restore the system restore, but that will not start?
If you use System Restore would have any effect on the computer, ah, can damage a useful procedure?1 Kinky to be. such as grass 2012-05-29 19:07:47
If I use the following : My Computer , select the right health attributes of all the system restore disc off System Restore OK. So that the computer has no effect on ah , will not damage the utilities ?
Computer does not have a law to use actor dish, right new hardware of indication discovery of horny small icon, but be in " my computer " inside do not show piece, how to return a responsibility?1goat 2012-03-10 01:29:09
What I use is " conferring administrator" , then you can still get a new USB interface hardware in " My Computer " still can not display. It is urgent ! ! ! Ask everyone to help solve the next,oh ! A special thanks ! Digital camera , MP3 , portable hard drive has no law to use. Ask for help as the team . Thank you !
ghost restore the system after using it changing?1sorry问候2012-01-19 02:27:10
The backup software was installed after the destruction of it? There is a repair installation of Windows when? What is the difference with this ?
How do oneself do the system of all-purpose GHOST to restore CD?1Arle2012-05-12 21:35:48
You can restore directly from DOS, tank mix the same software
How to restore the system state when the initial installation?1armadillo2012-07-23 11:40:02
Huangshan I used IE since IE is always a problem after the repair : 1, can not open a new window on the page, a blog can not log on . Can not open a new window homepage QQ 2. Do not download anything (which may have removed the wrong hands is called a temporary Internet file -6) short hair problems , which can help a small woman, here Xianxie , and it is you , heroes ! !
Audio books can not start System Restore does not work, how can I do?1Crai2012-08-08 15:12:03
I think a film content in DVD small dish in existence computer. Broadcast again. How should be done?1Julie2012-02-20 20:00:20
I think the content of DVD movies on a small plate on the computer 's existence. Diffuses back . How should I do?
Indication screen desktop becomes my computer suddenly transverse, did not know what to press, how to restore1Carling2012-03-19 03:14:14
Desktop display screen becomes my computer suddenly cross did not know what the press , how to restore
Student employment is a problem, restore the past students how the distribution system? Premise: the treatment is very good!0Hector2012-06-27 17:45:01
Student employment is a problem , restore the alumni how the distribution system? Premise : The treatment is very good!

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