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I have a question about investing in the stock market?0Jamin2012-08-17 00:35:31
I have 3 different accounts. A Roth IRA , 401K at work, and a small business account with a broker lost cost . I have a background of low cost index in the Roth , where most of my money. I have the 401k invested in a mid-cap fund . And with the trading account is going to buy some stocks or trade options to take profits here and there. Does this sound like a good investment plan ? ?
Investing in stock question?0S.O.S2012-11-05 00:39:34
A firm's stock is currently trading at a price of $30 a share. The company has an expected growth rate of 10 percent and expected dividend per share of $1.50. Given its risk, you require a rate of return of 18 percent for this stock. What is your expected rate of return if you purchase the stock today? Should you invest in this stock at the current price? Explain please
Should the stock market and private investing be abolished along with stock and bond trading?0grendalyn2012-10-08 05:29:11
If a government owned and controlled central bank is the only entity that can invest or lend to businesses or industry ?
What Can you tell me about the Stock market and investing?0rufus2012-10-09 16:41:20
What are the keys to success in this? Can day trading can be accomplished with good results given the time and research before you do ? MedlinePlus If some make this a career or a job on the side How to make money fast enough ?
What should I know before investing in the stock market?0Madison2012-08-25 10:02:03
I am a student 18 years of completing my first year of college . I currently have no work , nor have I had , but I want to start investing in the stock market , however , not sure about some things . I'm looking at using Scottrade and I am looking to invest about $ 600 to start. If someone wants to answer any of my questions I would greatly appreciate it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Do I have to pay taxes to support / marketing / sales / purchase taxes? MedlinePlus 2) What is the difference between a business and buy or sell ? MedlinePlus 3) Are there other financial obligations should know ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , I would appreciate any advice or comments . Thank you.
Teenager Investing In The Stock Market?0yaz2012-08-14 18:11:02
I have 15 years and I want to start investing in the stock market and teach me little by little, but I would have to have an escrow account . The problem is that my parents do not know how to negotiate and want to learn for myself. If you open an escrow account , I have control of when buying and selling I have no control or what ever ? Thank you !
What is the age to start investing in the stock market?0Ande2012-10-03 18:50:58
I have 16 years old and inspired more funding . I just inherited money and want to start making my own trades with the money he received . Is there an age limit to open an account in the fidelity or something like eTrade . If so what is it and if you know how I can start my process with another company , please inform me ASAP.
I need a crash course on investing in the stock market?0Haseena2012-10-11 04:40:17
I've never done before , so it requires both the basics to advanced. To clarify that I do not know what else to go . I do not know the rules for trade , do not understand the dynamics , really do not know anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To specify , I'm not looking for advice on how to make money in the market , but as each transaction works , as when / why I can sell . How long it takes to sell. It is instantaneous ? Limits , basically everything . ? I can buy any stock from a single website or I have to choose what action I would first like to find a website that 'll give you what you need? Types of actions, how I can know what I'm buying , the difference between them , how many there is. Different rules apply to each MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus What equipment do I need . What websites have to be registered . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will I be able to do better or be more efficient to use software? What are the best options for software. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you know of a documentary film instruction or having a crash course on this. I'll buy it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Becoming aware of the scams and avoid them , knowing what to look for .
Investing in the singapore stock market?0Millah2012-10-08 22:10:16
Is there a site I can visit that can provide the following on the sti : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. MedlinePlus quotes 2. MedlinePlus online trading 3. laws , regulations , taxes and limits investment in the sti
Different stock market investing techniques?? please help..?1Rose_Mary2012-10-26 03:17:02
I'm writing a column for my school newspaper , to be implemented in the coming months . I am writing about the stock market different investment techniques . Can someone compile a list , or add to mine , thanks for the help ! MedlinePlus - The value of investing MedlinePlus - Trade Promotion MedlinePlus - Swing trading MedlinePlus - Contrarian investment MedlinePlus Thank you again !
Investing question? Stock open price and what is a good return?0Ms. Sue this is for you--Please read2012-10-27 12:15:18
Hello I am new to stock trading , but I'm loving every minute of it for about the last two weeks . I wonder how you can tell what a stock is going to open in the morning ? Second, what should I be expecting an average return ? I'm up to seven percent in two weeks and feel great about this is that decent ?
Whose recommendations r bst 4 trading & investing in stock market?1Heidi2012-10-25 00:31:02
It can also provide or any site that puts different newsletters runners ?

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