Consider a competitive market with demand given by PD = 100 ? 2Q and supply given by PS = 10 + Q.? related questions

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Consider a competitive market with demand given by PD = 100 ? 2Q and supply given by PS = 10 + Q.?0Jcalhoun2012-08-16 17:52:03
a) Find the competitive equilibrium price and quantity of P? and Q? . What is the consumer and producer surplus ? b ) Suppose the government introduces tax unit as t = 15 to the producers. Find the amount sold in the market after tax of Qt. Find the price paid by consumers of Pt and the price received by producers after tax of PS. c ) Calculate consumer and producer surplus , the tax paid by consumers , taxes paid by producers, and total revenue for the government , finding the deadweight loss associated with taxes. d ) Calculate the price elasticity of supply and demand in the competitive market equilibrium by point elasticity formula . Now calculate what percentage of income tax is paid by consumers and what percentage is paid by producers. What can you say about the relationship between the elasticity of supply and demand and the shares of taxes paid by consumers and producers? e) Show results in a diagram. In particular indicate the competitive balance after the amount of taxes and prices after excise tax and producer surplus , government revenue and deadweight loss
I can supply competitive price EVA&PVCslippers1Beverley2012-01-21 00:23:20
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Supply and demand economic question?0lephaiis2012-08-30 22:19:02
only one question in my mind I like to solve lol . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So let's say that if the U.S. has excellent climate for growing peanuts , but most people do not like peanuts. And now let's say China 's climate is suitable for growing peanuts , but people enjoy eating peanuts . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my question is , the price of peanuts would be greatest in China right ? MedlinePlus And U.S. peanuts could export to China? MedlinePlus And that international trade would expand peanuts ? close ? no change ? the price difference between the two countries . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and my last question . When these countries began to trade with each other , consumers in the U.S. ? better , and producers in Denmark be better ?
Demand smartphone supply of goods1Izza2012-09-25 02:38:02
Demand smartphone supply of goods
What would the price of gas be if it was strictly based on supply and demand?6kelvin andrew2012-11-02 02:36:02
... and took the policy, commodity trading and speculation out of it ?
Do you know if the "supply and demand" rule applies to the illicit drug trade??0Slacker2012-10-23 15:24:55
I was looking for information on our gross national products and according to what I learned. Each product has a fair market share . I also did research on supply " and demand rules and in accordance with the drug trafficking was included in the rules. ( So I guess what I found to be true I see people in prison , but the illicit drugs never disappears ) ?
free supply and demand information released more surprises opportunities1Krista2012-08-01 06:46:02
free supply and demand information released more opportunities for surprises
free business opportunities published supply and demand information network0Is a high-profile2012-06-11 04:45:01
free business opportunities published information network supply and demand
Why is cartel, price fixing and market sharing considered anti-competitive?0Gilley2012-08-24 15:05:02
under the Trade Practices Act 1974 , why cartel price fixing, market sharing ans considered anti-competitive ?
Market demand forecast12021-08-02 11:22:19
Water purification, can remove the organic matter and heavy metal ions and mildewy odor, bacteria and used in water decolorization, used in drinking water industry, beverage, beer, medicine, sugar and other industries water purification, decolorization process and pure water, direct drinking water production equipment;Sewage treatment: can be used to treat the chemical industry, electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, leather, medicine and other sources of sewage, the removal of organic materials, bacteria and organic dyes in the water.Especially the treatment of toxic and harmful wastewater containing high metal ions;Organic solvent recovery: to benzene, ketone, fat, alcohol and other types of organic solvents can be adsorbed recovery;It can be used in solvent recovery devices such as glue spray paint and film, in benzene purification and recovery devices and in environmental protection projects of waste gas and sewage treatment.Health and anti-expansion: made of gas masks, gas and dust masks, gas jackets can have good adsorption and shielding effect on toxic gases  Medical treatment and biological engineering: can be used for the manufacture of artificial kidney, liver adsorbent, used in biological engineering for enzyme fixation;activated charcoal pellets  Daily life: can be used in refrigerator deodorization, fruit and vegetable preservation, household water purifier, cigarette filter, deodorization and disease prevention insoles and other daily necessities production;Other aspects: can be used as catalyst carrier, stationary phase of gas chromatography, solar heat collector and precious metal production 
Market demand forecast02021-08-26 00:02:11
In domestic has been eliminated. Specific surface area test unified the multi-point BET method at home and abroad, specific surface area measurement standards are developed at home and abroad is based on BET test method, please see our national standard (GB/T 19587-2004) - gas adsorption BET principle of solid material specific surface area measurement methods. Specific surface area testing is actually the more time-consuming jobs, as the adsorption capacity of sample is different, some sample testing may need to spend the whole dayTime, if the test process is not fully automated, the tester can not leave at any time, and should be highly focused, observe the dashboard, control the knob, a little careless will lead to the failure of the test process, which will waste a lot of valuable time of the tester.  F - Sorb 2400 specific surface tester is really able to BET method detection instruments (both direct comparison method), the more important F - Sorb 2400 specific surface tester is by far the only specific surface area of the fully automated intelligent testing equipment, the test results with the international high consistency, the stability is very good also, at the same time reduce the human error, improve accuracy test results. coal based granular activated carbon  
Market demand forecast02021-04-16 01:12:56
Surface oxidation modification is mainly to oxidize the functional groups on the surface of activated carbon materials by using appropriate oxidants at appropriate temperatures, so as to improve the content of oxygen-containing groups on the surface of carbon materials, enhance the surface hydrophilicity and polarifused alumina manufacturer ty, and enhance the adsorption capacity of polar substances. The number and types of oxygen-containing functional groups are different after treatment with different oxidants.Oxidation treatment also changed the void structure of activated carbonThe commonly used modified oxidants mainly include HNO, HClO, HPO, H,SO4, HF, O and HO, etc. Oxidant HNO;After the modified activated carbon was treated with proper amount of nitric acid, the mesopore increased, the ratio of carboxylic hydroxyl increased, the surface polarity of activated carbon increased, and the adsorption capacity of some solutes with certain polarity increased.However, excessive nitric acid modification treatment will increase the unstable groups on the surface of activated carbon and fail to achieve the predetermined effect 18-20]. After modified by HCIO with mild oxidation, the number of oxygen-containing groups on the surface of activated carbon increased, but the micropore structure and specific surface area did not change much.After ozonation treatment, the number of oxygen-containing acid functional groups on the surface of activated carbon and the surface acidity increased, and the adsorption rate and capacity of C** increased. P-Morwski et al. 2 used HNO to oxidize the carbon synthesized from phenols, and the adsorption performance of the treated activated carbon material to trihalomethane was greatly improved.Shan Xiaomei et al. 2 found that the surface area and pore volume of activated carbon decreasedafter high concentration of HNO  However, the surface and pore volume of activated carbon increased after low concentration HNO treatment.(NH4) S0.Oxidation changes the micropore size distribution of coal-based carbon, but has little effect on the micropore size distribution of coconut-shell carbon. In addition, the number of carboxyl groups on the surface of activated carbon increased obviously after modification of HNO, (NH4)S The amount of phenolic hydroxyl group and lactone group on the surface of activated carbon increased significantly after OG modification.Tsutsumi after 2 ⒂ activated carbon materials such as activation, first under the condition of the air cooled to about 400 ℃, and then with a good contact with air oxidation treatment, can increase the alkali activated carbon material surface oxide hydroxyl groups on the surface of the the surface polarity and hydrophilic increased, can adsorption in aqueous solution polarity organic matter and inorganic matter. The modification method that combines the two methods of physical activation and chemical activation is called the combination of physical and chemical modification 

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