What do you think about this political party?

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I'm starting a political party called the Unity Party . Now I have your show on the Amazon , but I was wondering what are ways to get out , all sites ?
The party itself will always represent the popular vote and seeking world peace.
Here is his statement of ideology :
Unionist ideology is simply this:. Peace and freedom for all through integrating and form unions of nations , religions , cultures and peoples

Here's a Facebook page for the match :
Union information
The Union

A union is simply that, a union of nations coming together for the greater good. A union acts as a clock that creates and maintains peace within nations that compose it. For this, a union composed of elected officials from a regional area , area of ‚Äč‚Äčnational and international level . To view a regional area is larger than a state, but smaller than a nation, while a national area is each nation and an international zone to all nations of the union.
At the regional level , officials are elected to a union

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